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A monotrain is a rail based transportation system based on a single rail, that acts as its sole support and its guideway.

Pacific-Atlantic Monotrain

Warren Grafton takes Jeff Tracy, Brains and Tin-Tin on-board a Pacific-Atlantic Monotrain for a test ride of his fully automated mono train. However, a storm caused a helijet to crash into a portion of track, and the lack of crew meant that the four had to stop the train themselves before it crashed off the track. It appeared in Brink of Disaster.

Anderbad Monotrain

The Anderbad Express Monotrain in The Perils of Penelope.

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Zombite Monotrain

The Zombite Monotrain from The Uninvited.

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Tracy Island Monotrain

The Tracy Island Monotrain appeared in Cry Wolf. Tin-Tin refers to it as "the Monocar", and it was used to give a tour of the island.

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Thames River Monotrain

The Thames River Monotrain from Thunderbirds.

High-speed Monotrain

In the Thunderbirds Are Go! episode Runaway, a test run of a high-speed monotrain in Japan almost ends in disaster when its systems fail.


In the Thunderbirds Are Go! episode Hyperspeed, Professor Tycho Reeves tests his new Hypercar, which is essentially a single-car monotrain travelling through a vaccuumless tunnel. Unfortunately, a minor fault in Reeves' calculations results in the hypercar being unable to stop, forcing the Tracys to attempt a complex rescue with Thunderbirds 1, 2 and 4 to transfer the passengers and destroy the tunnel. Reeves subsequently makes plans to recreate his project with help from Brains.

Monorail Scooter

One of the outstanding features of Mr. Steelman's secret underwater lair was the monorail scooter seen inside its access tunnel.