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The Mobile Control Centre (MCC) is a portable on-site command center module, used during rescue missions. It is carried aboard Thunderbird 1.

Among the MCC's features, are various audio/video communication systems to communicate with the other rescue vehicles. Included is a photo detector, which sounds an alarm if someone's photographing the Thunderbirds craft or various Pod Vehicles. Originally requiring two people to unload, an anti-gravity unit was developed to simplify loading and unloading.

Under some circumstances, though, deployment of the MCC may be preempted - either by adverse conditions at the danger zone (eg, Edge Of Impact), or the need for Scott's direct participation in the rescue (eg, The Duchess Assignment, Path of Destruction; see also Desperate Intruder, below).

Technical Data

  • Depth: 1.5 metres
  • Height: 2 metres
  • Length: 2.3 metres

Cross-section (Cutaway Drawing)

Only one cutaway drawing of the Mobile Control Centre is known. Drawn by Graham Bleathman and named "Control Unit," it appeared in Redan's comic No.66.

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Control unit.png

Trapped in the Sky

City of Fire

Operation Crash Dive

An electronic area scanner, placed outside the Irish farmer's cow shed, was used with the Mobile Control Centre.

The Mighty Atom

Scott deployed the Mobile Control Centre when he arrived at the Saharan Atomic Station.

Vault of Death

Scott had his Mobile Control Centre brought down from the City of London Heliport into the Bank of England while attempting to save bank employee Lambert, who was trapped inside its vault.

Martian Invasion

Scott and TB1 flew out to the Nevada desert, after International Rescue received a call for help: two actors were trapped in a cave, quickly filling with water. The Hood had fixed the charges, which caused a giant explosion, so that he could film the Thunderbirds craft when they arrived...

When Scott landed at the danger zone, he quickly got Mobile Control set up and updated Virgil on the rescue. Unbeknownst to either of them - or the movie crew - the Hood was filming the whole event...

Terror in New York City

Oil Field Fire

Scott uses the Mobile Control when he directs operations from an oil well gantry, while Virgil tackles the raging fire in the Firefly.

Operation To Save Ned Cook

With Thunderbird 2 out of action, there's no way to get Thunderbird 4 to New York in time to save the trapped Ned Cook and Joe - they'll both be under water within twenty-two hours. Jeff Tracy makes a priority call to Washington and arranges for TB4 to be transported intead by the U.S.N. Sentinel - but it'll still take twenty-four hours. Scott races ahead in Thunderbird 1, and establishes radio contact with Ned and Joe...

Desperate Intruder

The MCC was set up beside Lake Anasta, after Brains had been ambushed and trapped inside the lake's sunken Temple.

When Scott was summoned to assist Gordon with the rescue of Brains, Virgil took over at Mobile Control...

Atlantic Inferno

Aboard the Seascape

After safely landing Thunderbird 1 on the deck of the giant oil rig Seascape, Alan set up the Mobile Control Centre to oversee TB4's rescue of the two men trapped on the seabed...


The Mobile Control Centre prop was occasionally used as a Pod Vehicle control panel, most notably inside The Mole and the Transmitter Truck.

Its first ever cameo however was at the beginning of Trapped in the Sky. In the panning shot inside the Departure Lounge - London Airport, it is semi-visible behind the partition wall.


The MCC was marked "International Rescue XZ : 157" in Season 1, whereas in Season 2, it was labelled "International Rescue IX3 Mobile Unit"