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"Yes, sir. The storm's really building up."

Mitchell is a character from Lord Parker's 'Oliday. He is Professor Lundgren's assistant.



Professor Lungren has developed a solar generator which will, as its first test, power the sleepy Mediterranean town of Monte Bianco from a vantage point on a mountain overlooking the town. Mitchell makes the final checks before solar generator is put to the test.

A Violent Storm

As a violent storm hits the surrounding area, the solar reflector is repeatedly struck by lighting. Lundgren climbs onto the roof to inspect the damage, as he gets to the top, it buckles and crash down the mountainside.

Professor Lundgren falls to the floor, hurt in the destruction of the reflector, Mitchell goes to his rescue and gets him safely back to the control room.

Mitchell Calculates the Damage

Mitchell thinks the situation is hopeless, the I.F. stage is gone, and the oscillators are burned out. The lightning's ruined the radio, and there is nothing they can do, other than sit here and watch the town burn up!

Lady Penelope drives to the solar station, were the Professor confirms her fears; Mitchell has assessed the sun will raise at 6.30am.