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"Mindmeld" is the twenty-first episode of Thunderbirds 2086, and 23rd produced overall. The episode first aired at an unspecified point after 1982.


Moonbase Omega

Lieutenant Sarah McBeth has been haunted by mysterious visions ever since her arrival on Moonbase Omega. Visions that lead her to a crystal compound buried near the colony. By removing a portion of the crystal, she releases a thousand year old evil that has the power to manipulate even time itself. The Thunderbirds must find a way to halt the indestructible force before it can reach Earth.


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IRO Equipment Used


McBeth possessed.

  • This episode did not air in Japan.
  • As the team leave Earth, Gran shouts "Thunderbirds Are Go!". This is one of the extremely rare times the series ever used the classic catchphrase.

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Foreign Name

  • Japanese: They Awaken From Their Sleep (彼らは彼らの眠りから目覚め)