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"Metal Head" is the nineteenth episode of Thunderbirds 2086, and twentieth produced overall. The episode first aired at an unspecified point after 1982.


A promising visit to Vancouver turns into a fight for survival, when Senator Ripple and his crew become trapped within Metal City. The domed compound is under the control of Metal Head, an experimental 'living' computer forged from a portion of Dr. Budd's mind. The Thunderbird team must put their ingenuity to the test and find a way to bypass Metal Head's massive Droid army and rescue the hostages.


"Hey, you know what we do with runaway droids down where I come from, huh?!"

"Eat light, human."

"H-Hey, wait stop! Oh! I say OH!"

  • Senator Ripple receives a short, sharp lesson from a FighterDroid.


IRO Equipment Used


  • This episode did not air in Japan.
  • After the Hoverjet collides with the Minister's craft, the pilot is heard ejecting safely before it plunges into the support structure. In the Japanese dub, the pilot is not so fortunate.

Anderson Stock Library

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Foreign Name

  • Japanese: Unmanned City, Droid (無人市、ドロイド)