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"I'm gonna find out who fixed those explosive charges, and I'll, fix, HIM!"
— A performance surely worthy of an Oscar, or whatever acting awards they give on Thunderworld.

Maguire was one of two actors who appeared in Morty Goldheimer's latest film, A Martian Invasion. For the role, he played a policeman sent to check out the rumoured landing of a flying saucer in the desert.


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Powers and abilities

Maguire's greatest ability is keeping calm under pressure, especially after he and Slim became trapped in the cavern. His sense of smell is questionable, for he mistook the odour of a smoke machine for a delicious barbecue.


Maguire's movie career took a terrible crash-dive after being typecast for his role in Martian Invasion, the second episode of Turbocharged Thunderbirds.

Interesting Info

  • Maguire was one of the rare cases where a character from Thunderbirds retained their original name for Turbocharged. In the former, he was voiced by David Graham.

Foreign Name

  • Japanese: Maguire (マクガイア)