"Don't get any clever idea about the radio. It wouldn't do much good anyway. There isn't a person in this world can help you now."

Madeline is a model at the studio of Paris-based fashion designer François Lemaire, and also acts as his assistant.

She appears in the episode Alias Mr. Hackenbacker.



Sky Anxiety: High-Fashion, and Hijacked!Edit

Madeline, Deirdre and François drive to the airport together to meet Skythrust, the venue for his latest fashion show. The jetliner takes off, bound for London; and the show begins - with Deirdre, Madeline and Lady Penelope modelling various couture from Lemaire's newest collection. And the show is a great success...

But then, Madeline and her cohort, Mason, hijack Skythrust - and hold Deirdre, Penelope, Lemaire and the rest of the passengers and crew at gunpoint, as hostages. Skythrust's pilot, Captain Ashton, is then instructed to fly the plane to a certain obscure location in the Sahara Desert, where the rest of the gang is waiting to abscond with Lemaire's entire collection, made of a revolutionary (and potentially lucrative) new fabric called Penelon.

Unknown to anyone aboard Skythrust, however, an International Rescue agent is in their midst...

Hijack FoiledEdit

...and, responding to Penelope's covert emergency signal, Thunderbirds 1 and 2 are quickly dispatched to intercept the hijacked Skythrust before it can reach the Sahara rendezvous point...

After Thunderbird 2 knocks out the jetliner's undercarriage with a missile, Ashton tells Mason that they have no alternative but to head for London International Airport, where they at least have the facilities to handle a crash-landing. Reluctantly, he agrees. At Ashton's behest, Madeline and Mason retreat to the back of the plane for safety...

The incoming aircraft prepares to crash-land at London Airport, but then the secret 'Hackenbacker Device' comes into play - a rear-mounted, ejectible fuel-pod, which flies free and can then be safely detonated.

After the plane safely touches down, Lady Penelope holds the hijackers at gunpoint until the police arrive.