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"It will be a great disaster!"
— Bruno

"Lord Parker's 'Oliday" is the fourth episode of Thunderbirds season 2, first broadcast on 23rd October 1966.


While Lady Penelope and Parker are on holiday at the world's first solar-powered town, a massive storm knocks the generator's reflector down the mountain. It lands in such a position that the suns rays will be reflected towards the town and destroy it when the sun rises. While Parker distracts the population, Brains works to move the reflector to a safe orientation.


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  • FAB 1 is revealed to have a set of hydrofoils, and can travel over the ocean. Whether or not the fitting was required after Parker gambled away FAB 2 in The Man From MI.5 is never confirmed.
    • This is to say nothing of the fact Lady Penelope appears to be quite confident driving FAB 1 on her own, considering her previous driving skills (or lack thereof) displayed in Vault Of Death.
  • The jetty set was also used in Thunderbirds Are Go, during the part where Parker chases The Hood. Also used is the cubic base part of the solar generator tower - as one of the buildings in the town of Craigsville - it can be seen within seconds of Zero X crashing into the town.
  • The wall rug previously seen hanging in Creighton-Ward Mansion's drawing room has moved to the corridor outside Lady Penelope's bedroom.
  • As part of the half-hour "cliffhanger" package, the first instalment concludes when Thunderbird 1 launches and subsequently changes to horizontal flight mode.
  • Mitchell, Professor Lundgren's assistant, was previously seen as Captain Ashton in Alias Mr. Hackenbacker.
  • It appears that Signor Faccini has hired Cass Carnaby to perform at his hotel, as the pianist is seen in a brief clip lifted from The Cham-Cham.
  • The music that plays on FAB 1's radio is 'Blues Pacifica' from the Stingray episode Tune of Danger.
  • This is the first out of three episodes to feature guest voice actor Charles Tingwell.
  • The solar collector's control panel bears a strinking resemblance to the TARDIS console as it appeared in Doctor Who.
  • Scott puts Thunderbird 1's "smokescreen" tactic to good use - albeit under very different circumstances - in the comic-book story The Revolution.
  • This is the only episode in the series to use the image of Tracy Island featured in Thunderbirds Are Go and Thunderbird 6 instead of the original clip filmed for the series. The main difference being neighbouring Matteo Island isn't visible in the shot in this episode.


  • When Thunderbird 2 leaves the hangar, it still has the old style steering column. It changes twice through-out the episode.

Foreign Titles

  • French: Les vacances de Parker
  • German: Lord Parker macht Ferien
  • Spanish: Las Vacaciones de Lord Parker
  • Italian: Le vacanze di Lord Parker
  • Dutch: Lord Parkers vakantie
  • Portuguese: As Férias de Lord Parker
  • Japanese: 太陽反射鏡の恐怖