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"Long Haul" is the 23rd episode of Thunderbirds Are Go! season 2. It was broadcast on the 25th of November, 2017 in the UK.


Conrad, a young traffic controller makes a slight error, which ends in catastrophe aboard the orbiting Spacehub transit terminal. Alan launches Thunderbird 3 and is able to buy Conrad time, but in the end, the only way to save Conrad is to modify Thunderbird 2 for space transport to replace a vital component of the Spacehub.


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Gordon: "Hey Brains, when you're done here, can you make Thunderbird 4 into a spaceship too?"
Brains: "Whoa..."
Scott: "Uh, let's not get carried away here, guys. Besides, we need Thunderbird 4 standing by for splashdown... as a submarine."
Gordon: "FAB. But could you blame a guy for asking?"
Virgil: "Right?"

Virgil: "This is new. But I guess so is blasting off for outer space in your cargo ship. Here we go."

Virgil: "Who ordered the pepperoni?"
Alan: "Seriously, you have pizza?"
Virgil: "No, that was a joke. I just have the new coolant unit."
Alan: "Almost as good."

Conrad: "This way, I get to ride in Thunderbird 2. I mean, it is the coolest Thunderbird."
Virgil: "Right?"
Alan: "I'm choosing to ignore that!"

International Rescue Equipment Used



  • This is the first time a televised Thunderbird 2 is configured to go into space, but it almost burned up on re-entry and would probably would have been destroyed without Conrad's quick thinking. This is reminiscent of several comic strips series.
  • This episode saw the return of and a new use for the Elevator Car.
  • Conrad states his family live in Slough, the place where the original Thunderbirds series was filmed in a studio on a Slough trading estate.
  • One of the ships is the same design as the Helius from the episode Colony.
  • This episode uses the most Thunderbird craft to rescue the least number of people. Thunderbird 2 is used to deliver a coolant unit and to return Conrad back to Earth, Thunderbird 3 is used to assess the disaster zone and to rescue Conrad (and later return Conrad to his space station), Thunderbird 4 is used later in the episode for the recovery of the modified Thunderbird 2 from the ocean (although this is unseen), and of course Thunderbird 5 is used for first contact and communications.
  • This was the only episode in the second half of season 2 to use Thunderbird 3 for a space rescue.