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For the 2015 incarnation, see Light-Fingered Fred

Light-fingered Fred is the ex-cellmate of Parker, when they were both incarcerated at Parkmoor Scrubs prison.

He appears in Vault Of Death.


Parkmoor Scrubs

Fred shared a cell with "Nosey" Parker, and told him of his dream to one day rob the Bank of England.

Light-Fingered Fred Escapes

While drinking his tea, Parker learns from the Gazette newspaper that his old ex-cellmate has escaped from prison, by hiding in the back of the Cleansing Department's truck.

The Bank Job

Fred finally realizes his ambition to break into the vault of the Bank of England - only to find the vault door is wide open, and it's already been broken-into. He thinks people's money would be safer in his kid's piggy bank!