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"It makes perfect sense to me. Your brothers get their Thunderbirds back, but as soon as they arrive home - kaboom."
— The Hood

"Legacy" is the 26th episode of Thunderbirds Are Go!, and was broadcast on Saturday, January 23th, 2016.


On Tracy Island, Kayo is about to tell the Tracy family about her secrets before a list of six individual disasters appear across the globe. Each of the brothers heads off to the disasters with Scott in Thunderbird 1 to rescue a climber on Mount Haushan in Alaska, Virgil with Thunderbird 2 and the Mole to a cave collapse at the Lead Mountain near Berlin, Germany, Alan to repair a plummeting space shuttle in Thunderbird 3, Gordon in Thunderbird 4 to rescue a submersible in a trench off the coast of Saipan, John to repair a flood control satellite with a pod from Thunderbird 5 and Kayo in Thunderbird Shadow to rescue a motorbike rider in the Great Victoria Desert in Australia. In Australia, Kayo finds out that the bike was airdropped and all the rescue missions were fake. While Kayo heads back to Tracy Island, she finds out that it was compromised. After she orders Brains and Grandma Tracy to retreat to the island’s emergency bunker, she contacts Lady Penelope to activate WASP (Wide Area Safety Protocol).

Back on Tracy Island, Kayo investigates while Scott says that he and the other brothers found explosive devices at their individual locations before Kayo confronts the Hood in the lounge. He explains that his explosives are armed with motion detecting triggers and if any of the Tracys tries to escape, the bomb at his location will detonate. Despite Scott’s objections, Kayo takes the Hood to the island’s control core. She accesses the main computer by saying her real name and the Hood going by the name Agent 79. When the computer transfers control to the Hood, he disables the bombs before putting all the Thunderbird craft on autopilot back to home, stranding the Tracys. Kayo orders Lady Penelope to activate WASP, disabling the computer and giving control of the Thunderbirds back to the Tracys who fly back to Tracy Island with John calling the GDF for back up.

As Kayo gloats over the Hood’s loss of control of the island, he tries to blow it up by placing a bomb on the power generator. When Kayo warns the others about the Hood's backup plan, the Hood taunts her, causing her to reveal the truth that the Hood is her uncle. He says that every time he and his niece were in contact, he didn’t just escape but he got what he wanted, using her as his secret weapon the whole time. After Kayo cuts off, the Tracys discuss that they can trust her or not. Scott says that there is only one question they should ask themselves: "What would dad do?"

Back in the control core, the Hood and Kayo escape to the surface. It turns out Kayo actually lured the Hood away from Tracy Island to its neighbour, Mateo Island. Enraged, the Hood remotely activates his ship to escape but John damages it with Thunderbird 5's space elevator before Thunderbirds 1 and 2 arrive and use their cables to rip the ship apart. Kayo contacts Scott that it wasn’t safe to come back but he says she also said they can trust her to handle this and she did. When the GDF arrive to capture the Hood, he says that her cleverness made him very proud. Later on, Kayo finishes her conversation with the Tracys and says that their father had an idea to keep it a secret. Grandma says that Jeff will always be with them and he will be so proud of them. After Grandma’s request for dinner, leading to a disgusting rejection, John says that they have another situation before they take off in the Thunderbird craft.

The episode ends at a GDF holding cell when the Hood says to Colonel Casey about what is coming next, before slyly saying, "If you and International Rescue thought I was bad, just you wait.", ending the episode.



  • Scott: "We all have our missions. Any questions?"
    Brains: "Everything is R.A.D."
    Scott: "R.A.D.?"
    Brains: "That's my new catchphrase?"
    Scott: "Alright then."
  • Kayo: (Back on the island) "That's not our only problem, Tracy Island has a visitor."
    The Hood: (Sitting at Jeff's desk) "Nice view. I think I'll take it."
  • Grandma Tracy: "Don't worry. If they manage to get inside here, they won't stand a chance."
    Brains: "You know self-d-defense?"
    Grandma Tracy: "I'll make them lunch."
    Brains: "Huh?"
    Grandma Tracy: "I admit it, I'm a terrible cook, but that confession stays between you and me, got it?"
  • Lady Penelope: "WASP protocol activated. Oh, I do hope that did the trick."
    Parker: (with Sherbet biting at his leg) "Speaking of tricks, m'lady, any chance you could make this thing disappear?"
  • Kayo: "Were you also this way when my father wouldn't share his toys with you?"
  • Scott: "There's only one question we need to be asking ourselves now. What would Dad do?"

International Rescue Equipment Used


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  • Thunderbird 4 is launched from Tracy Island for the first time.
  • This isn't the first time The Hood has made a direct assault on Tracy Island. In particular, luring the Tracy Brothers away was previously accomplished in the 2004 Movie.
  • This is the first time all Thunderbirds are launched, simultaneously.
  • International Rescue come face to face with The Hood for the first time.
  • The Hood enters his name in the computer as Agent 79, the same alias used in the original series episode Martian Invasion.
  • The Hood is finally captured by the GDF.
  • The Hood hints that there are even worse villains than him, which were resolved in season 2.
  • This episode is a direct continuation of Undercover.
  • The W.A.S.P. security protocol activated by Kayo and Lady Penelope is a reference to the World Aquanaut Security Patrol in Stingray, Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's previous Supermarionation show before the original Thunderbirds.
  • At the end of the episode, The Hood is transferred to Parkmoor Scrubs prison, which first appeared in the classic episode Vault Of Death.
  • This plot of this episode is referenced in Signals Part 2 when The Hood tells Havoc that "he made a similar mistake" in "stealing a Thunderbird" and not "keeping it".
  • This episode marks the second time that the Hood's ship is destroyed, and the final time it is seen. After breaking out of prison, the Hood's next primary vehicle would be the Chaos Cruiser.

Foreign titles

  • Dutch: De erfenis (The Inheritance)
  • French: L'heure des aveux (Time of Confessions)
  • Spanish: Legado