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The laser cutter vehicle is a pod vehicle owned by International Rescue. It utilises a powerful laser cutter to access places that are behind metal doors.

The laser cutter makes use of an on board computer to work out various things, such as how powerful the laser cutter beam has to be, and how far away the designated area is. After the laser cutter has cut around the designated area, an air compressed jet blaster can be used to blow the obstruction (e.g. wall or door) down. The laser cutter was used in 30 Minutes After Noon, to cut through thick security doors in a plutonium store vault to rescue Southern, a Secret Service agent. It also made a cameo in Sun Probe.

Technical Data

  • Height: 7 feet 3 inches
  • Length (without gun): 14 feet
  • Power source: 300 bhp high-compression power turbine
  • Seating capacity: 1 driver
  • Speed: 65 kilometres per hour
  • Width: 5 feet 6 inches

In Action

In 30 Minutes After Noon, the laser cutter was used to cut through the steel doors of the plutonium store to free Southern from the grips of a security robot.


Cutaway Drawings


  • The laser cutter can been seen in corner of a shot in Sun Probe.