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"Well this is rather distressing."

Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward is a character from the Thunderbirds Are Go! television series. She works alongside her chauffeur/partner Parker for International Rescue.

Early Life

Born to the wealthy Creighton-Ward family in the UK, Lady Penelope was born to unknown parents and is the great niece of Lady Sylvia Creighton-Ward. At some point, she crossed paths with Parker, who was a friend of her father's who then assigned the former criminal to Penelope as her chauffeur and butler. The two then became close friends before they were approached by Jeff Tracy to join International rescue as special agents. Jeff then entrusted Penelope with learning W.A.S.P (Wide Area Safety Protocol) in case of emergencies.

Through her friendship with Jeff, Penelope became close friends with his five sons, his mother, Brains and Jeff's adoptive daughter Kayo. She also apparently gained romantic feelings for Jeff's second-youngest son, Gordon which appear to be mutual.

Personality Traits

Penelope is seen as kind but a little naive. She is widely knowledgeable as seen in the episode Unplugged where she tells Parker about the Universal Grid Codex and what it was capable of. She is widely connected with connections that often help in times of crisis, making her a huge asset to International Rescue.

Due to her close relationship with the Tracy family, Penelope is an older sister figure to the Tracy boys and their adoptive sister Kayo and serves as one of their main voices of reason, especially when it comes to Scott.

Despite being born into aristocracy and educated in ways befitting that of a member of high society, she has never been seen to put up airs, and had never been afraid or hesitant in getting her hands dirty. Instead, she is quick to jump into action whenever she is needed, and is frequently seen to be just as physically capable as the Tracy brothers. She is also shown to despise many aspects of her high-society life, particularly the social appearances and luncheons, to the extent that she often wishes some terrible disaster would occur just to give her an excuse not to go.


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Lady Penelope is the undercover specialist agent for International Rescue. She has a rather unique role in doing investigative information gathering that help assist the team in missions and rescues.


While on their way to have tea with Virgil and Grandma Tracy, the city of London is plunged into darkness by an electromagnetic pulse, disabling all technology including FAB 1. Lady Penelope and Parker discover it is caused by a group calling themselves 'The Luddites' and they both infiltrate the group to find out it's all an elaborate trick by the Hood to gain access to a very valuable power source.

Tunnels of Time

After the discovery of a hidden temple by International Rescue, Lady Penelope on behalf of the World Heritage society is investigating the ruins and the head of the expedition Prof. Harold when she, along with Parker and Gordon become trapped in the temple. Constantly dancing with death also causes certain sparks to fly between her and Gordon.

Heist Society

Lady Penelope is accompanying Prof. Moffatt to a GDF facility on an underwater railway to transport a newly discovered element to safety, when the Hood hijacks the precious cargo.



  • Several of Lady Penelope's concept designs were leaked online in January 2015, when a copy of The Official Thunderbirds Program Guide was offered for sale on popular auction site eBay.
  • She has a great aunt named Sylvia, who was in fact voiced by Penelope's original voice actress, the late Sylvia Anderson.
  • She has a pug named Sherbet who Parker appears to hate.
  • In Tunnels of Time, it is hinted she may have romantic feelings for Gordon Tracy. However, her true feelings for Gordon were revealed in Deep Water, SOS Part 2 and Upside Down.
  • Her International Rescue portrait is seen for the first time in Falling Skies.
  • Just like the original being based on Sylvia Anderson, this Lady Penelope is based on her voice actor Rosamund Pike.
  • Unlike her classic series counterpart, Lady Penelope only has one-style of hair, and an even limited style of fashion.
  • It is evident by the way Lady Penelope talks to the Tracy family, she is an older sister-figure to the boys and Kayo and serves as a voice a reason to them in tense situations such as when Scott gets upset when the GDF (under the control of Janus) denies International Rescue access to various rescue sites in Chain Of Command.
  • Tracy Island's portrait picture of Lady Penelope looks rather like Lady Penelope from the original series.
  • Like early depictions of her counterpart from the original series, this Lady Penelope is shown to be a rather bad driver.

Foreign Names

  • Japanese: レディ・ペネロープ・クレイトン=ワード (Redī Penerōpu Kureiton Wādo)
  • Chinese: 潘妮洛普·克雷頓華德小姐 (Pānnīluòpǔ Kèléidùn Huádé Xiǎojiě)
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