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You might also be looking for the 1965 or 2015 incarnations.

Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward is a character from the live-action Thunderbirds movie released in 2004. She is an International Rescue agent.

Penelope's Adventure

From her home in England, Lady Penelope observes that numerous disasters are occurring around the world, yet the International Rescue team aren't responding to any of them. She therefore decides to send them the Emergency Signal (activated through the finial of her teapot, in an obvious allusion to the classic series). When this too goes unanswered, she concludes something must be seriously wrong, and she quickly makes her way to Tracy Island aboard FAB 1.

Upon arrival, Lady P. and Parker soon become involved in an altercation with The Hood and his henchmen. In the end, The Hood's mystic powers prove too much, and she finds herself locked up with the others in the fridge. By the time she manages to escape, The Hood has already left for London aboard Thunderbird 2, and all she can do is follow after him in Thunderbird 1, piloted by Alan.

While the others carry out the London Monorail rescue, Penelope hurries to the Bank of London vault, knowing that The Hood will be there. Despite bringing along a gun this time, she is soon overpowered once again. She is handcuffed to a rack of gold bars and watches helplessly while Alan, Tin-Tin, and The Hood slug it out in the climactic finale.