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A collection of images showing the outfits of Lady Penelope.

Trapped in the Sky

Scott calls in International Rescue's London agent Lady Penelope, to go after the Hood after he takes photographs of Thunderbird 1 at London Airport.

The Mighty Atom

When Lady Penelope is Holidaying on Tracy Island, she begs Jeff to let her go along on the mission. She joins Virgil and Gordon in Thunderbird 2. When the Hood sends the Mighty Atom into Thunderbird 2, the only thing it photographs is Lady Penelope screaming.

Note: Still wearing the same outfit as Trapped in the Sky.

Vault of Death

Lady Penelope and Parker are invited to break into the vault of the Bank of England to illustrate that improved security is required. A workaholic accountant (Lambert) is accidentally trapped inside the vault.

After several little mishaps on the way, Lady Penelope and Parker returns to the bank with one minute to spare, for Parker to free him using one of Lady Penelope's hairpins.

Brink of Disaster

After Lady Penelope eludes two villains in FAB 1, she gets a visit from Warren Grafton who disables the alarm system so that his men can break into Creighton-Ward Mansion at night and plunder her floor safe.

However, the security devices on the safe itself are still intact and alert her. Lady Penelope and Parker use machine guns to disable the crooks' car.

The villains steal FAB 1, but Lady Penelope locks the steering by remote control, leaving them going round in circles.

The Perils of Penelope

Sir Jeremy Hodge's partner goes missing so he calls on the help of Lady Penelope who meets Sir Jeremy in a Parisian café, where she narrowly avoids drinking poisoned Pernod. As he flees the culprit leaves behind a matchbook emblazoned with a heraldic crest. Tracking down the crest in the heraldic archive, Lady Penelope and Sir Jeremy are trapped in the basement as gas is pumped in, but they are rescued by Parker. They retrace Borender's steps by taking the express monotrain to Anderbad, but the evil Doctor Godber is aboard. He arranges a power failure as the train enters the Anderbad Tunnel and kidnaps Lady Penelope and Sir Jeremy, taking them to his tunnel hideout in a control sub-station were the pair are reunited with Professor Borender. To force Sir Jeremy and Borender to revel he secret of their process, Godber ties Lady Penelope to a ladder and lowers her into the path of the Anderbad express. she is rescued by Virgil and Gordon.

Day of Disaster

Brains is visiting Lady Penelope in England and both witness the disaster taking place on television of the Martian Space Probe. She takes Brains to the Allington Suspension Bridge control center were he watches the rescue. The Brige Controller turns Brains over to psychiatrist Dr Korda believing him to be insane after seeing him talking into his watch.

30 Minutes After Noon

Lady Penelope is called upon, after foreign Agents plant a bomb in a Plutonium Storage Facility. As they make their escape in a Helijet, Parker brings the craft down with cannon fire, from FAB 1.


Lady Penelope is wearing the same outfit, (when she takes the call from International Rescue) as she was in Trapped in the Sky.

This is also the outfit she is wearing in the photograph,hanging on the wall of the villa on Tracy island.

The Imposters

The AL4 plans are stolen by villains posing as International Rescue. After a tip-off from their hillbilly agent Jeremiah Tuttle, Lady Penelope sets off to America to track them down.

She traces the gang to their hide-away in the swamp, and flushes them out with the help of Jeremiah.

The Man From MI.5

Lady Penelope agrees to help Bondson retrieve the plans for a nuclear device that have been stolen. She sets herself up as a target for the thieves posing as model Gayle Williams and is kidnapped by the leader of the crooks (Carl). Scott, Virgil and Gordon are soon on their way to make the rescue and return the stolen plans.

Danger at Ocean Deep

Lord Worden invites Lady Penelope to the Launch of Ocean Pioneer II after the first ship is lost as it explodes inside a mysterious sea mist.

She visits the dog food manufacturers Allpets and learns that they have dumped large deposits of active OD60 into the Mediterranean which when mixed with high-density fuel, will cause an explosion.

The Duchess Assignment

In a French casino Lady Penelope spots a friend the Duchess of Royston playing roulette at another table. The Duchess tells her that she has lost everything except her precious painting "Portrait of a Gazelle".

Back in England Lady Penelope visits Royston Manor and learns that the Duchess has been forced to put her home up for sale. Jeff Tracy is visiting England for the London Air Display, so Lady Penelope takes him to an art gallery to view the Duchess' painting.

Before leaving for America to Meet Wilbur Dandridge, the Duchess receives a St. Christopher brooch from Lady Penelope. This is in fact a sophisticated homing device which enables Lady Penelope and Parker to track the Duchess when she is kidnapped by Chandler.


Four of the outfits had been seen before: the blue dress she wore in the casino is the one she was seen wearing in Vault Of Death; the Black and White Leather outfit is what she wore in the episode Brink of Disaster; at the Air Display she was wearing the same as in her previous outing, at the launching of Pioneer II; and finally, the head scarf is the one she wore when meeting with Bondson in The Man From MI.5.

Great Aunt Sylvia wears the exact same outfit Penelope wears at the art gallery in Designated Driver.

The Cham-Cham

Jeff sends Lady Penelope to investigate the Cass Carnaby Five, starring at the Paradise Peaks Hotel, as every time their song is played on the radio, an RTL-2 Transporter is shot down.

Lady Penelope and Tin-Tin ski to Olsen's chalet and secretly film him working at a complex computer, which decodes messages from musical sounds.

Lady Penelope sings the song "Dangerous Game" under cover as singer, Wanda Lamour. She changes the tone of the song, which gives the enemy fighters the wrong directions.

Security Hazard

This is a sort of "Greatest Rescues" episode, and Lady Penelope is only seen in flash back footage.

Atlantic Inferno

While in Australia, Lady Penelope detonates the first explosion to clear the way for a new Mountain Pass.

She then invites Jeff to join her for a holiday at her farm in Bonga Bonga. Jeff reluctantly leaves Scott in charge as he jets off to join her.

After having not rested with worry, the pair fly back to Tracy Island to supervise a rescue operation, involving the Seascape drilling rig.


  • In this first episode of the second series, the portrait on the wall on Tracy Island has been changed.

Path of Destruction

Crablogger 1, a huge tree-felling machine goes on a Path of Destruction, after the crew fall ill. Lady Penelope is given the task of getting the Shut-down procedure from Robotics International's Jim Lucas, before the Crabloggers crashes into the San Martino Dam.

Alias Mr. Hackenbacker

Lady Penelope believes that the new airliner, Skythrust, would make an ideal location for her friend François Lemaire (who she has agreed to model for) to use for the unveiling of his new fashion collection made from an incredible new fibre, Penelon (named after Lady Penelope). Skythrust takes off from Paris, London-bound, and the fashion show begins. Penelon is a huge success with the invited guests, but Lemaire's assistant, Madeline, hijacks the airliner. Penelope sends an alarm signal to Tracy Island and Thunderbird 1 and 2 are soon on their way.

François Lemaire's Apartment

Café Atalante, Paris

The Fashion Show


  • It's the 3rd time she has worn that black and white coat and hat.

Lord Parker's 'Oliday

Professor Lungren has developed a solar generator which will, as its first test, power the sleepy Mediterranean town of Monte Bianco. Lady Penelope and Parker are among the invited guests at the hotel to witness this historic event.

During the fancy dress party, the solar reflector is hit by lighting. In order to be able to contact International Rescue, Lady Penelope has to take FAB 1 out to sea to avoid the mountains blocking all radio signals, still dressed as Mary Antoinette.

Give or Take a Million

Lady Penelope is invited to Tracy Island for Christmas.

Thunderbirds are Go (Movie)

Lady Penelope goes undercover as a reporter to look for saboteurs of the Zero X Space vehicle.

At the pre-launch press conference, Penelope presents Paul Travers with a homing device disguised as a St. Christopher, that will enable her to keep track of him.

The emergency over, lady Penelope invites Scott and Virgil to join her at the Swinging Star nightclub. Alan is annoyed that he has been left out, and that night, he dreams that he visits the club after all, the guest of Lady Penelope.

As the doomed Zero X returns to earth out of control, Alan makes a daring bid to repair the escape pod to save the crew.

Unable to return to Thunderbird 2, (due to the rope being snagged) he is lowered to the ground were Lady Penelope is waiting in FAB.1

She takes him to the Swinging Star Night Club after all, and makes his dream come true.

Thunderbird 6 (The Movie)

Brains designs a new airship, Skyship One. Lady Penelope, Alan and Tin-Tin are aboard the airship's maiden voyage. Unbeknown to them a fake crew have taken over, their mission is to lure the Thunderbird craft to a disused airfield where the Back Phantom will be lying in wait.

Skyship One stops in various exotic locations around the world, while the fake crew records Lady Penelope's voice. Their intention is to compile a message for International Rescue by editing the tape.

Lady Penelope tells Jeff of the fake message and Thunderbirds obliterate the opposition on arrival at the disused airfield. The team prepare to round up the villains but a gun battle damages the gravity compensation machinery and they are taken hostage.

As the Skyship starts to descend as it loses power, they make their escape in a Tiger Moth biplane, which Brains eventually demonstrates to Jeff Tracy as the Thunderbird 6 of the title.


Lady Penelope's Portrait is changed for a third time.


Filmed in Supermarionation

Penelope wore a pink dress whilst talking to Aloysius Parker throughout the 2014 documentary Filmed In Supermarionation

The Abominable Snowman

Lady Penelope and Parker are sent by International Rescue to the Himalayas in Asia to investigate rumours of the presence of the legendary Abominable Snowman but when she discovers the secret truth she is captured and imprisoned by The Hood.

Introducing Thunderbirds

In this prequel, Lady Penelope and Parker are invited to the mysterious Tracy Island, where their old friend Jeff Tracy has created a top-secret organization that will change the world forever. Its name: International Rescue...!

The Stately Homes Robberies

When the newspapers report a series of break-ins at the homes of rich aristocrats, Lady Penelope and Parker must stop the elusive Mr. Charles and his partner in crime Dawkins from pulling off their biggest and most daring raid ever: stealing the Crown Jewels!


  • A very rare, doll dressing book published in the Netherlands in 1966, depicted her in several undergarments.