Kenyon is a member of the Erdman Gang. He appears in 30 Minutes After Noon.

His voice was supplied by David Graham.


The Erdman GangEdit

Kenyon goes to Glen Carrick Castle, as one of three men hired to break into a plutonium storage facility, by radio the Leader of the gang explains how they must disable the Plutonium Store's guard robots and plant explosives in the main storeroom before escaping by Helijet.

The Plutonium StoreEdit

The plan goes as scheduled, but on arrival in the storeroom Southern pulls a gun on Kenyon and Dempsey, unfortunately for Southern, he is attacked by a guard robot which has not been disabled and, held in its steel arms, he is helpless as Dempsey and Kenyon escape, trapping him in the storeroom with their bracelets.