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You may be looking for his namesake from Brink of Disaster.

"The water's rising faster, Ned!"

Joe is a character from Terror in New York City. He is a cameraman who works with Ned Cook.


Oil Well Fire Assignment

Joe was sent with Ned Cook to cover the fire at the oil field. He took up position on top of the N.T.B.S's Van and started to film Thunderbird 1 as it was leaving the area.

Scott Tracy wiped the film after the Automatic Camera Detector alerted him that his departure was being filmed.

New York Assignment

Joe went to New York as Ned Cook's cameraman to cover the moving the Empire State Building. While he was filming it, Ned explores in detail of how long it took to plan it out. He soon realises something's gone wrong, and falls into a hole along with Ned. Meanwhile up above, the Empire State Building starts to give way. When he and Ned get their feet again, the latter realises the Empire State Building is going to fall on them. The Empire State Building then falls on top of them. The TV reveals the leftover of the Empire State Building. Jeff reckons they didn't make it however everyone is shocked to hear Ned's voice over the radio. Ned mentions they weren't hurt but can hear water coming in.  

The Rescue

Breathing apparatus is passed down to the two men through a small hole in the cavern roof, but each has only two hours of air in the tanks so there is little margin for error. Sentinel arrives in New York harbour and Gordon sets off in Thunderbird 4 to find the inlet to the underground river. Scott tells Ned and Joe, now completely submerged to search for the river entrance from their end, but the nearby Fulmer Finance Building collapses, causing a tidal wave through the underground cavern. Ned and Joe manage to find the river entrance from the cavern, but their air has run out which causes Joe to nearly fall unconscious. This leads to Ned carrying him through the entrance. From Thunderbird 4, Gordon spots the men and rescue them just as the tidal wave hits. Thunderbird 4 is swept back into the harbour by powerful current.