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Jeff Tracy is a character from the live-action Thunderbirds movie, released in 2004. While not designated a specific craft, he is sometimes the co-pilot of Thunderbirds 2 and 3, depending on the situation. Nevertheless, he is the (literal) founding father of all five Tracy brothers, and the top-secret 'Thunderbirds' rescue organisation.


When disaster struck an off-shore Russian oil rig, Jeff led the charge piloting Thunderbird 2 into the danger zone. He handled the situation well, and helped his sons to successfully rescue the trapped workers.

Shortly afterward, he took command of Thunderbird 3 in an attempt to rescue John from the damaged Thunderbird 5. Gordon acted as co-pilot, with Scott and Virgil the passengers.

Due to an attack by the Hood, Jeff and his sons got stranded in space. They were saved at the last minute when Fermat was able to restore control of Thunderbird 5 to them. Jeff then reluctantly allowed the kids to go after the Hood themselves, arriving in time to see them perform a rescue on their own. He then witnessed Alan's heroism and strength of character when he faced off with the Hood and saved his life instead of letting him die.

After the threat was over, Jeff held a party on Tracy Island with his family and friends where he promoted Alan and his friends to full Thunderbird status. Moments later, they got a rescue call which Jeff himself stayed behind on, while Alan went in his place.

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