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The Indian Bazaar is a location from the Thunderbird 6 movie.


After visiting Australia, Skyship One lands in India. Our heroes sample the couleur locale with a trip to the bazaar, where Alan and Tin-Tin go shopping for trinkets, Lady Penelope has her fortune told by an Indian Fortune-Teller, and Parker deals with touts and beggars while he waits for them in FAB 1.

Street scene

The street scene revolves entirely around the snake charmer and his snake. As the camera pans across, a Hindi-speaking woman can be heard asking for money, apparently from Parker. She assures him repeatedly that the snake is very hungry, and that it will perform various tricks for him, such as making itself very large, and "praying".

Far from some simple animal tricks however, Parker is treated to a taste of the "mystical orient", because not only does the snake charmer miraculously know the Thunderbirds theme music, but also, while it is being played, the snake turns around and bows down repeatedly in Parker's direction!

Other appearances (Isn't that...?)

  1. Snake charmer: His only other known appearance is later in this film, as the Indian Stallkeeper.
  2. Onlooker: His only other known appearance is as the Bass player in The Cham-Cham.
  3. Coppersmith: Appeared in several television episodes. Best known for playing Sanchos in Path of Destruction.
  4. Potter: One of the most frequently used puppets, e.g. Garfield in 30 Minutes After Noon.
  5. Talking woman: Maria from Path of Destruction
  6. Gentleman: The 1st Reporter (Zero-X) from Thunderbirds Are Go (film)
  7. Shopkeeper: Appeared in several TV episodes. Played Toy Packer Tanner in Give or Take a Million.
  8. Man in pink: Steward Lane seen earlier in this film