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"Impact" is the ninth episode of the second series of Thunderbirds Are Go!, broadcast on the 10th of December, 2016.


Using a remote controlled rocket booster Langstrom Fischler tries to bring a comet into Earth's orbit so he can mine it. As the rocket doesn't fire correctly, the comet ends up on a collision course with both the Earth and Global One, a GDF space station with Captain Ridley O'Bannon aboard. While Alan and Virgil take Thunderbird 3 up to the comet and find a way to destroy it John and EOS use Thunderbird 5 to help O'Bannon to move Global One out of the comet's path.


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  • Captain O'Bannon: "Same time next week?"
    John: "Sure. Only next time I won't go so easy on you."
    Captain O'Bannon: "Said the man who's down four games to one."
  • Virgil: "I go down a tube backwards and you get a comfy chair?"
    Alan: "Nobody said gear-ups were fair, Virgil."
  • Virgil: "Any luck tracking down Fischler?"
    Scott: "Not yet. That guy changes addresses more often than I change socks."
  • Virgil: "I've loaded up enough demolition charges to do the job."
    Alan: "Wait, you put explosives on my ship?"
    Virgil: "Alan, you fly a rocket. It's already an explosive."
    Alan: "Point taken."
  • Scott: "Better you two stay on task and blow up the comet."
    Brains: "And Fischler's rocket."
    Scott: "Especially Fischler's rocket."



  • This is the first time Virgil has flown in Thunderbird 3 as Alan's co-pilot.
  • This is the second time that Thunderbird 5's mooring claw has been used to assist in a rescue, or third if you count destroying the Hood's ship in Legacy.
  • Thunderbird 3 launches without the traditional voice-over countdown.


  • Virgil's laser cutter is missing in some shots.
  • Fischler says at one point, "That will be my yummy lunch I ordered." However, it is night time at his location.