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The Helipod (also known as the Aeronautical Repair Pod) is a Pod combo designed for airborne rescue.


Being a Pod vessel, the Helipod has a cylindrical yellow chassis. Its unique features include its large and flexible robotic arm, and four enclosed rotors on the sides that allow it to fly. Two underside jets control which directions it flies in. It also has a magnetic dock on top of it, allowing it to be held aloft inside Module 2 as the bay doors open up.


The Helipod first appeared in Skyhook, when TB2 was sent out in a vain attempt to rescue the CIR.R.U.S. from its destruction by storm. After TB2 was crippled by the storm's forefront, Gordon had to control TB2 remotely via the Helipod.

The Helipod was shown again in Heavy Metal, when Alan used it to take Brains to visit Professor Moffat at the Supreme Hadron Collider. Alan used it again to lift Thunderbird 2 as it was being pulled downward by a gravity well, though it wasn't very effective until Thunderbird 1 joined to offer its own lifting power.



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