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A helijet is a multipurpose jet-powered VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft. Helijets have been used by both government and civilian organisations. Throughout the series, several different variants of the helijet have appeared.

U.S Army Helijet

43 helijet.png

This variant of helijet was employed by the US Army. It appeared in Pit of Peril. It also appeared on a heliport next to Thunderbird 1 in Vault Of Death.

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World TV Helijet

Helijet (City of Fire).png

This variant is one of the helijets employed by civilian organisations. It appeared in City Of Fire.

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Gray & Houseman Helijet

The Helijet leaving the Road Construction Vehicle.

This variant was employed by the Road Company Gray & Houseman. It appeared in End Of The Road.

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Pacific-Atlantic Monorail Helijet

Helijet 304 inspecting the Monorail Bridge.

A fleet of these helijets were bought by Warren Grafton. Two of them appeared in Brink of Disaster.

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Skymaster Helijet

  • One was owned by the Erdman Gang Leader for use by him and the rest of his gang. It featured in the episode 30 Minutes After Noon, where it ended up being destroyed by FAB 1's grille machine cannon.
  • One was owned by the World TV company. It appeared in The Impostors.
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Attack Helijet

The Attack Helijet searching for International Rescue's base.

This is another military helijet that was used during the search for Tracy Island. It appeared briefly in The Impostors. It made another brief appearance at Matthews Field Air Base in The Cham-Cham.

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World Navy Helijet

Navy Helijets.png

As their name suggests, they are used by the World Navy. They appeared in Atlantic Inferno.

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Hospital Helijet

In the episode Desperate Intruder, Professor Blakely was flown to hospital in a red and white painted version of the standard army helijet.


  • Most of the helijet models were made from old helicopter kits.