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Gran Hanson is one of the five main characters from Thunderbirds 2086. He serves as the pilot of Thunderbird 3 for IRO, the International Rescue Organisation.


Born in New Berlin, Gran spent most of his time at the Lunar Academy, where he initially studied in Communications and Meteorology. This led him to join the Rama Space Seed project as an asteroid miner.

Personality & Traits

The eldest active member of the Thunderbird team. Stern and serious, Gran always focuses on the task at hand above all else. He acknowledges that his gruff approach can lead to conflict with his younger crew, though he always means well, and just wants to ensure their mission is accomplished successfully, safely, and professionally.

When not on assignment, Gran likes to find a secluded spot outside Arcology and spend the day fishing.

Foreign Name

  • Japanese: グラント・ハンセン ("Grant Hansen")