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"My squid-sense is tingling."

Gordon Cooper Tracy is a character from the Thunderbirds Are Go! television series. He is the pilot of Thunderbird 4, co-pilot of Thunderbird 2, and aquanaut for International Rescue. He is the fourth eldest of Jeff Tracy's sons and is the younger brother of Scott, John and Virgil, the older brother of Alan, as well as the adoptive brother of Kayo and the fourth grandson of Grandma Tracy.

Gordon’s signature colour for his iR uniform is yellow.

After attempting to recover robot Braman from the wreck of the Calypso, Gordon was severely injured after Thunderbird 4 was crushed underneath rock debris. He was taken out of action for several months.

Personality and Traits

Gordon Tracy is the outgoing and outspoken practical joker of the Tracy family, he is rarely seen without an air of mischief about him and has always got a great sense of humour about almost anything that comes his way - in fact the only thing louder and more vibrant than his personality is his taste in Hawaiian shirts.

Gordon does take his work seriously, even if he has to tell jokes about it here and there to lighten the current situation on occasion, but nevertheless he is always in control on the scene when it comes to rescuing people. He always has the ability to put people at ease, even if it’s the ever nervous Ned Tedford (Under Pressure) or the very clever Aidan Williams (Extraction). However, like his brothers, he has very little tolerance for the stupidity of Francois Lemaire (Lost Kingdom) and Langstrom Fischler (Weather or Not) who only seem to cause more trouble than their rescues needed to be.

Gordon does annoy his siblings sometimes, for being a total slob (Deep Search, City Under the Sea) even around people, and insensitive, by watching full seasons of his favorite TV show -Into the Unknown with Buddy and Ellie- onboard Thunderbird 3 to pass the time, much to the annoyance of Alan who was in charge of their rescue on Jupiter's moon (Deep Search). Virgil, who usually has to put up with Gordon’s mischievous personality always has a few come backs of his own after being on the end of them a majority of the time. However his jokes can be really frustrating to people who are not used to them. Even Lady Penelope - whom he has a crush on - doesn’t think his humorous remarks are funny when they take a little bit of a personal dig at her lifestyle (Under Pressure).

His heart is always in the right place as he does acknowledge mistakes caused by his own actions (Ring of Fire Part 1 and Deep Search) and also admires the ingenuity of others like John’s unconventional way of using Thunderbird 5 (Skyhook), to Kayo's ability to control Thunderbird 4 without any instruction from him and even surprising him with a few maneuvers he wasn’t even aware that his own craft was capable of (City Under the Sea).

Gordon has had the misfortune to be trapped inside his own Thunderbird while it was being torn apart (Up from the Depths Part 1). However, it isn’t the first time he has had to have Thunderbird 4 undergo serious repair work - his carelessness tends to put him in situations where things do go wrong, and Thunderbird 4 comes back more damaged than it needs to be, to the annoyance of Brains. But, there are times when he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (Tunnels of Time and Weather or Not). Despite specializing in underwater rescue, there are times where he is called to tag along on missions that do not involve diving underwater-yet another testament of the versatility of the Tracy brother's training.

Notable Missions

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Gordon has a wide range of skills and roles on various missions, however, these are a select few episodes in which he stands out from his brothers.

Tunnels of Time

After saving some trapped miners and discovering an ancient temple, Gordon arrives again later at the temple of Sapa Capanqui after Parker sends the boys a call hoping that 'one of the others' would turn up so he doesn't have to enter the temple. They become trapped in the temple after he triggers a trap that forces them to explore the rest of the temple in order to escape.

Under Pressure

The Heavy Metal Extraction Platform on the bottom of the ocean starts to malfunction and becomes out of control. Gordon has to separate the driver's cabin from the toxic cargo and then stop the waste from going over the edge of an underwater cliff into deeper waters.


An illegal hydro-methane extraction platform is discovered by Robert Williams and his son Aidan. They become trapped in the cabin under the platform, and Gordon must find a way to get to them from a series of underwater tunnels, before the platform falls through the ground and crushes them.



  • Gordon can swim the 100m butterfly in 51.2 seconds.
    • He later claimed that he once did it in "fifty [seconds] flat" but there weren't any witnesses.
  • Gordon's favourite TV show is Into the Unknown with Buddy and Ellie, and in both Deep Search and Attack of the Reptiles he gets to meet his two television show idols.
  • In Attack of the Reptiles, it is revealed Gordon is afraid of reptiles (Herpetophobia) and he also mentions a 'Pet store nightmare' he has in regards to it. When he receives a thank you gift of two bearded dragons from Buddy and Ellie he recoils away from them, cementing this phobia he has of the animals.
  • Gordon is the only one out of the Tracys that has been in all the ships (not counting TBS)
  • Gordon and Virgil both have brown eyes a dominant trait while the other siblings have blue eyes a recessive trait.
  • So far, Gordon and John are the only Tracy not to have personally talked to Captain Lee Taylor.
  • So far Gordon is the only character to have been seen piloting or co-piloted the most Thunderbird craft.

Foreign Names

  • Japanese: ゴードン・トレーシー (Gōdon Torēshī)
  • Chinese: 戈登·崔西 (Gēdēng Cuīxī)

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