Goldheimer is a film director; and he's presently seeking to secure financing for his next project, a science-fiction movie set in the Nevada Desert.

He appears in the episode Martian Invasion (also the title of his proposed movie). He was voiced by the late Ray Barrett.



Bletcher's OfficeEdit

Goldheimer has not been having luck at the box office lately. Indeed, when he and Bletcher sit down for a meeting in Bletcher's office, the film producer points out that all four of Goldheimer's previous movies failed to score with audiences. However, Bletcher's boss - Mr. Stutt - appears more open-minded: Stutt agrees to give Goldheimer a four-million-dollar advance on his next production - on the condition that he starts shooting within a month...

On Location in the Nevada DesertEdit

The Stolen FilmEdit

When two of Goldheimer's actors are trapped in a cave by an explosion (of Mr Stutt's making), they are saved by International Rescue. Afterward, as Scott Tracy is about to leave the filming location, Goldheimer takes a snap of Thunderbird 1. But Scott demurs, reminding him of IR's no-photographs rule. Goldheimer's fine with that - but, he asks, what about the other film he'd already taken?

Alarmed at this, and realising that TB1's Automatic Camera Detector has been tampered with, Scott then asks Goldhemier to show him a playback of that film - and, sure enough, the entire rescue appears!

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  • The Goldheimer puppet made only one other appearance, and even then its face was completely hidden from view.
  • A picture of Goldheimer can be seen hanging on the wall in Maxie's office, in the episode The Cham-Cham.

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