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The Global Defence Force (GDF) is an organisation that was set up by the World Council to enforce law and order against those who seek to destroy or disrupt the current peace and prosperity of the people of Earth. They work with the Council and independently to achieve this task by providing protection for the world's iridium stores (Up from the Depths Part 2) to organising highly elaborate undercover operations to catch criminals (Undercover).

The head of the organisation is Colonel Casey, who not only manages and runs the entire force, she also works with International Rescue and its operatives when the situation calls for it - she has recruited the skills of Parker to break into a vault to rescue a scientist (The Hexpert) as well as for their undercover operation (Undercover). There are times however they do get in the way of a rescue attempt by International Rescue (Earthbreaker) and occasions where they have called the Tracys to offer them assistance (Chain Of Command and Up from the Depths Part 2).

GDF Headquarters

They have outposts around the globe and even in space, the GDF satellite Global One is run by Captain Ridley O'Bannon and her crew, the satellite becoming damaged not long after it’s launch by rogue asteroid brought towards earth by one Langstrom Fischler (Impact). One objective by the space arm of the organisation is to check on old derelict space craft to make sure they are safe from causing any problems to interstellar craft from their debris and to protect the old vessels from pirates and illegal scrap metal dealers (Ghost Ship).

Besides Global One, the GDF mainly rely on their fleet of armoured ground vehicles and quadjet flyers to get around and complete their mission objectives with the use of advanced technology to get the job done.


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The GDF emblem consists of a shield adorned with wings on either side, with three stars in the top line of each. The centre of the shield had an image of a globe with five stars above it and a triangle at the bottom. The colours for the emblem are light blue, grey and white.

GDF Uniform

The GDF uniform has a few variations, ranging from the standard military issue to the dark and light grey uniforms of the higher chain of command. The only clear indication of rank is between standard personnel and the top brass, however between those at the top there's no clear distinction as the uniforms vary in style.

GDF Machines

The GDF Flyer (Quadjet) and the GDF Armoured Cars are mainstay means of travel for the Global Defence Force. All units that ride in these crafts are under the command of Colonel Casey.

Global One

Global One is a space satellite owned by the GDF to monitor and conduct interstellar operations. The crew is under the command of Captain O'Bannon.


  • GDF Headquarters is guarded by two GDF Armoured Cars with Radar or Communication dishes.