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"Ghost Ship" is the second episode of Thunderbirds Are Go! season 2. It was broadcast on the 22nd October 2016 at 4:00pm, straight after Earthbreaker.


EOS detects a distress signal from the derelict generation ship EDEN, after Ridley O'Bannon is blown into the vacuum of space. John comes to her rescue and the two discover that space pirates have re-awoken the dormant ship. However, they are inhibited by the Builder Bots, who are programmed to build the ship. In an effort to stop them, Dobbs reverses the Bots' programming, but instead of stopping them they start tearing the ship apart. With the pirates' ship out of action, O'Bannon's ship too far away, and Thunderbird 3 too large to make a rescue, John has to take charge and save everyone.


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  • EOS: (Playing chess with John) "John, I'm intercepting a GDF-encoded message. The signal's very faint."
  • John: "You're trying to distract me, you know I finally have you checked."
  • EOS: "Honestly, John."

  • EOS: "John, my scans show you're sweating and your pulse is racing. Is everything all right?"
  • John: "Just fine, EOS."
  • Scott: "So you finally get to take the suit out for a spin! Excited?"
  • John: "You could say that."

  • John: "Exopod is go!"
  • Alan: "Green button, bro".
  • John: "Right. Whoa! This is awesome!"
  • Alan: "Just keep your eyes on the road. Precision flight isn't as easy as I make it look. Let me know if you need any pointers."
  • John: "I do have one question, What's that big blue marbley-looking ball down there?"

  • O'Bannon: "I don't know how a maintenance-bot got reactivated, or why you're registering possible life signs, but I'll bet a tank of the good stuff our answer lies down there.
  • John: "And that answer won't be 'ghosts'."

  • Alan: "Check out your suit, class-A safety hazard, bro. Can't steer - might leak fuel. Even I wouldn't fly that."

  • Alan: "It's not like there are ghosts haunting abandoned ships in cold, empty space, right?"

  • John: "What Alan is trying to say is that we're not exactly crime fighters. We specialise in search and rescue."

  • Dobbs: "Stop there you sneak thief! Let go of my gaming console! I found it fair and square!"
  • Dobbs: "International Rescue, you got here fast! That's five-star service, that is."
  • Reece: "You take that, you robot rapscallion! - Ha-har! You'll not harm one comely hair on the good constable's head while she's under the protection of Edmund Razor Burn Reece and Dan - no nickname, no middle initial - Dobbsy Dobbs!"

  • John: "Alan, on my mark, roll left 23 degrees."
  • Alan: "Where did you learn to talk like a pilot?"
  • John: "I know a guy."

  • Reece: "We'd have gotten away with it if it wasn't for International Rescue."
  • Dobbs: "No, we wouldn't have. We'd have died."

  • Alan: "Pretty fancy flying for a console jockey."
  • John: "Of course, I did have an excellent co-pilot. Don't worry, I'll keep your secret."
  • Alan: "Mine? What about yours?"
  • John: "I'm just saying Kayo never has to know you're scared of ghosts."
  • Alan: "Me? Yeah, right! But I won't tell Scott that you're scared of ghosts!"
  • Scott: "Er, you both know we can see you, right?"

International Rescue Equipment Used

Non-International Rescue Equipment Used



  • John doesn't wear his shoulder sash in most of this episode. Due to his space suit having a lot of electronic wires and things it's quite possible he doesn't need to have the sash in order to maintain communications with International Rescue.
  • "We would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for International Rescue!" is a quote with reference to Scooby Doo, where the villain always says that they would have succeeded if it wasn't for the kids' interference.
  • This is the first time John has been in the co-pilot seat of Thunderbird 3.
  • Captain Ridley O'Bannon is named after the director and writer of Alien (1979) - Ridley Scott & Dan O'Bannon.
  • Reece and Dobbs called International Rescue when they were already there, leading them to believe that their services were very speedy and of "five-star service". This previously happened in Vault Of Death, when a workaholic accountant gets locked in a vault and is the last one to realise.