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"Fuse" is a villain in Thunderbirds Are Go! television series, debuting in season 3.

Fuse makes a cameo appearance in Brains vs. Brawn but talks for the first time in the season 3 premiere Chaos Part 1. He is a member of the Chaos Crew; the other being Havoc.

Fuse, alongside his sister (Havoc) and his employer (The Hood), were arrested in The Long Reach Part 2 by the GDF.

Personality and Traits

As his nickname would suggest, he is the team's demolitions expert. He is armed with a pair of power gauntlets, which he often uses to augment his punching power, trigger his explosives in one way or another, or simply just to wreck things.

He is physically fit and is very capable of holding his own in a fight, although contrary to his sister's more acrobatic and finesse-oriented style, his more heavyset physique and shorter temper means that he is more reliant on sticking his feet solid on the ground, and sheer brute strength.

Despite being/appearing physically strong, he is rather foolish and less clever than his sister. He thinks of many short-sighted decisions, such as wanting to turn on the heater in the Chaos Cruiser in Growing Pains or suggesting to use the ultra sonar in SOS Part 2 which would both give away their location to the GDF. He has also put his own life at risk with such decisions, such as in Chain Reaction when he plants an explosive right next to uranium in an attempt to blow open a door. Although, his sister has also made classic school-kid errors, such as leaving Spoiler unlocked in Rally Raid.

As time has worn on, Fuse has shown signs of learning right from wrong. When the Hood and the Chaos Crew left Gordon critically wounded in SOS Part 2, Fuse started to show concern about his welfare. He later had another attack of conscience when Scott saved him from his attempt to blow open a door in Chain Reaction and he returned the favor. Although Fuse informed the Hood that International Rescue and the GDF had got away with the uranium much to his boss's displeasure, he did not dare to explain how he secretly helped them to escape.

In the series finale The Long Reach Part 2 when Fuse and Havoc attacked Tracy Island by orders from the Hood, he was not only scared by Sherbert and put firmly in his place by Grandma Tracy, Fuse revealed his real name to be Clarence, also he revealed that he had no hatred against International Rescue at all. However, despite that, Fuse and Havoc tried to get away, only for the Mechanic to remove a wheel from his vehicle, Basher. When the GDF arrived on Tracy Island to arrest them both, he was the first to admit defeat, closely followed by his sister.

Notable Episodes

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Chaos Part 1

After damaging a set of cranes and escaping in the Chaos Cruiser, Fuse is ordered to bury an arctic exploration crew under water after they refuse an offer by the Hood. He first uses explosives to scare them, but later uses power punches to create devastating damage.

Path of Destruction

The Hood assigns Fuse a mission, which involves hijacking a truck carrying volatile cargo. He is unsuccessful in stealing the truck, so the Hood orders him to destroy the cargo and anyone who is in his way. He causes many rock slides with explosives.

Chain Reaction

Fuse infiltrates the Shackleton Power Plant and steals uranium and threatens Scott, Marion Van Arkel, Cameron and even himself in the process. Fortunately, for himself Scott helps him out of a life threatening explosion and later helps the three escape when a door won't open. When the Hood reports in, he says International Rescue and the GDF escaped with the Uranium, and he had to ditch which resulted in the Hood calling him a pathetic lump.