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An unnamed French casino is a corrupt casino located somewhere in France.

Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward visits the casino in The Duchess Assignment and spots a friend, the Duchess of Royston, who is playing roulette at another table. The Duchess tells her that she has lost everything except her precious Braquasso painting, "Portrait of a Gazelle". Two crooks, Chandler and Brophy, overhear their conversation. Lady Penelope realises that the table is fixed and causes a scene, but the crooked casino owner escapes with the Duchess's money.

Entrance close-up

The Owner's Office[]

From the office inside the casino, the owner can be informed of trouble by a flashing light, which in the episode gave him time to make his escape with money he has made by fixing the tables.

He narrowly gets away after Lady Penelope realizes that the tables are fixed. She sends Parker after him, and after a short gunfight, he makes his escape in a car.

The Casino's Roulette Tables[]

There are six roulette tables in the main room of the casino, and at least one of them is fixed which allows the croupier to determine the winning number, ensuring the players lose their money.

Customers in the French Casino (Duchess' First Visit)[]

Lady Penelope's Table[]

Tabe a.png

Other Appearances (Isn't That...?)[]

The Duchess of Royston's Table[]

Duchess table.png

Other Appearances (Isn't That...?)[]

Table at Back of Room[]

2 - Copy.png

Other Appearances (Isn't That...?)[]

  • 19. Man with grey hair is a Fireball XL5 puppet (Professor Matic).
  • 20. Man with back to camera: Carl from The Man From MI.5(?)
  • 21. Man in brown suit is the Ocean Pioneer II No.2
  • 22. Blonde lady in pink: Stingray puppet (Atlanta Shore "frowner", in a Supercar wig)
  • 23. Croupier is another Fireball XL5 puppet (Wilbur Zero).

Table Next to Lady Penelope's[]

Table next to lady P.png

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Table behind Chandler and Brophy[]

Table behind R.png

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Table Behind the Duchess of Royston[]

Behind duchess (2).png
Behind duchess(1).png

Other Appearances (Isn't That...?)[]

Table to The Duchess's Left[]

This table was only partly seen.

Table to the Duchess's left.png

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Table Outside[]

As the owner was making his getaway, people were seen sitting outside the casino.

TDA 003.png

Other Appearances (Isn't That...?)[]

The Duchess' 2nd Visit To The Casino[]

After a spell in hospital, the Duchess of Royston is soon back in the casino.

The Duchess of Royston's table - 2nd night[]

Duchess table 2nd visit.png

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Table in the Background - 2nd night[]

Table 2 behind the duchess.png

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  • The scenes shot in the French Casino are some of the biggest sets used throughout the series, in terms of number of cameo appearances.