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"Flame Out" is the ninth episode of Thunderbirds Are Go! season 3. It was broadcast on May 26, 2018, in the UK.


When gas from a dangerous hydro-methane reserve begins to leak, Virgil and Gordon team up with a retired well-capping specialist to plug the leak. Gordon soon discovers the Chaos Crew siphoning off fuel - and moves to stop them...


Regular Cast

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Scott: "Now who's going with you?"
Grandma Tracy: "Send me!"
Scott: "Grandma?"
Grandma Tracy: "That Kip Harris is a great ace silver fox, a hunk, a knockout!"
Scott, Virgil, and Gordon: "Grandma!"
Scott: "I think Gordon better go instead."
Grandma Tracy: "Fine, but you boys find out if he's single and ready to mingle."
Gordon: (shudders) "FAB."

Virgil: "He's a master at major gas leaks."
Gordon: "I've been known a master of some major gas-"
Virgil: "Gordon! This guy is my absolute hero. It would be like you meeting, a mermaid. So please, don't embarrass me."
Gordon: "I'll do my best."

Kip Harris: "Looks like we got ourselves some gas bandits."
Gordon: "No kidding. You know, I had a run in with the wild cat hydro-methane extraction rig once."
Kip Harris: "The one that fell underground? I've read about that rescue. Impressive."
Virgil: (clears throat) "I also helped."
Kip Harris: "I'm sure you did, Virgil."

Grandma Tracy: "Virgil, I hope you're taking good care of Mr. Harris."
Virgil: "You know, Grandma, I think Kip Harris can take care of himself."
Grandma Tracy: "Good. After all, he could be your grandpa someday."
Virgil: "Grandma!"

Grandma Tracy: "Well, Virgil, don't keep me in suspense."
Virgil: "Better set another place at the table, Grandma."
Grandma Tracy: "Yes! I wonder if he likes meatloaf surprise."
Virgil: (sighs) "This is not gonna end well."

International Rescue Equipment Used

Non-International Rescue Equipment Used



  • This episode features elements adapted from two episodes of the original Thunderbirds - The Mighty Atom and Atlantic Inferno.
  • Kip Harris says that Virgil has a resemblance to Jeff.
  • This is the first time (across any media) that Thunderbird 2 utilizes its undercarriage and is used as a land vehicle - rather than an aircraft - at a location other than the Tracy Island runway.
  • When Gordon recalls his adventure with an illegal hydro-methane mining rig, Kip replies that he had heard about that particular mission and comments that Gordon (and Virgil) did a good job.
  • This marks the first time the Chaos Cruiser is used in the water.