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You might be looking for the 2004 version.

The Firefly is a pod vehicle designed by Brains. A dual-purpose fire-fighting and debris-clearance vehicle, Firefly's forward-mounted shield is constructed of Cahelium Extract-X - providing heat protection from intense temperatures and resilient dozer- blade capability. The shield allows access for the barrel of a heavy-duty gun armed with nitro-glycerine shells. These can be used to snuff out otherwise-uncontrollable fires, and for major debris clearance. Rear-mounted water and foam dispensers can be used for vehicle-cooling purposes, and for blaze control.

Technical Data

  • Length: 15 metres (including blade)
  • Power Source: Compact 800-bhp power plant
  • Weight: 56 tons
  • Width: 8 metres (including blade)


City Of Fire

Firefly was used to clear a path through the burning rubble, so as to enable the Mole to drill down to the underground passage-ways of the collapsed Thompson Tower building, to rescue the trapped Carter family.

Cry Wolf

Firefly (far right) viewed from above, in the Pod Bay on Tracy Island.

Terror in New York City

International Rescue are called when an Oil Well burns out of control. Scott oversees the operation from a near by Oil Well gantry, while Virgil in the Firefly, fires a charge into the base of the fire to extinguish the flames.

Cutaway Drawings

Main article: History of the Cutaway Drawings (Classic Thunderbirds)

At least four cutaway drawings of Firefly - three of which were illustrated by Graham Bleathman - are known to exist:

  • The first appeared in a Thunderbirds Annual 1967
  • The second appeared in a Thunderbirds Fleetway comic.
  • The third appeared in a Thunderbirds Redan comic.
  • And finally, the fourth featured in the 50th anniversary edition of the Haynes Thunderbirds manual.

Trivia & Notes

  • The rear-mounted turret is never used during Firefly's appearances.
  • The Firefly prop is believed to have been recycled into a vehicle from an episode of Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons - specifically, Fire at Rig 15. Its new job is closely related to firefighting, but it now drops explosive charges into the inferno at the oil well we see being sabotaged at the start of the episode.
  • Firefly was carried in Pod 3 in the episode City Of Fire, and in Pod 6 in the episode Terror in New York City.
  • In the TV Century 21 comic-book story Tracy Island Exposed, Scott drives Firefly - fetching it from storage in Pod 2 - after a giant aircraft hijacked by The Hood crashes into Thunderbird 2's hidden hangar, causing a tremendous explosion...
  • In another TV Century 21 comic-strip story, Firefly is renamed as "Firefly 1" as Brains introduces two remote-controlled versions known as "Firefly 2" and "Firefly 3".

Model Construction

The Firefly model was built using a Vickers Vigor tractor kit. The Mole and the Gray and Houseman Explosives Truck also used this motorised toy tractor as a basis.