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The fire truck is an all-terrain rapid response vehicle that was bought and slightly redesigned by Jeff Tracy for International Rescue.

The fire truck shares the chassis with the transmitter truck from Sun Probe and the Gray and Houseman Explosives Truck from End of the Road.

The vehicle is equipped with a rear-mounted water cannon that can turn a full 360º as well as tilt upwards 90º.

The cannon can fire highly pressurised water and foam, along with powerful nitroglycerine shells.

It is only seen in one episode: Security Hazard, first when it fights a fire and again later, when Virgil opens the pod flap under his father's orders.

Technical Data

  • Crew: 2
  • Length: 15 metres
  • Power: twin gas turbine engines
  • Water capacity: 3,100 litres
  • Water pumps: 9,000 litres per minute when connected to external hydroports
  • Width: 6.5 metres

Cutaway Drawing

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As far as is known, only one cutaway drawing of the fire truck exists. Illustrated by Graham Bleathman, it featured in a Redan comic that was published in the 2000s.

Redan's cutaway of the fire truck