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Faccini is a character from Lord Parker's 'Oliday. He is the manager of the hotel Lady Penelope and Parker stay at.

Signor Faccini with staff member Bruno

Fancy dress time!


Signor Faccini welcomes Lady Penelope to his hotel in Italy, and apologises for the weather, it's raining heavily!

Party Time

Faccini arranges a fancy dress party, to watch the historic event of the switching on of the solar generator.

Disaster Strikes

During party a violent storm hits the surrounding area. The solar refactor dish is repeatedly struck by lighting and eventually buckles, crashing down the mountainside, leaving the dish pointing directly at the town. Faccini hadn't realised in the morning, when the sun rises the hotel will burn.

A Lord in my Hotel!

While Lady Penelope goes for help, Parker with the help of Bruno, make plans to keep the hotel guests occupied so that panic doesn't set in. As the sun begins to rise, they wake the Manager and hotel guests and get them to go to the ballroom to play 'Lord Parkers Bingo'. The manager thinks Parker is a real Lord and is keen to help!


  • As the countdown begins, Faccini refers to his Swiss Oris anti-shock watch.