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FAB 2 is the latest in a succession of vessels owned by Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward. Fitted out to the highest standard, FAB 2 is moored at an exclusive private marina on the south coast of England. The yacht was specially built for Lady Penelope by International Engineering, a company of which Jeff Tracy is a major shareholder. FAB 2 can be operated by either one person or up to six, depending on the duties to be performed. The yacht is mainly used for social functions when Lady Penelope is traveling, although when required, it can also function as a floating operations control centre for International Rescue. FAB 2 has a garage for transporting FAB 1. Docking clamps with built-in shock absorbers prevent FAB 1 from moving and getting damaged in adverse weather conditions. The waterproof garage door doubles as a ramp; utilising its hydrofoils, FAB 1 steers into the garage and once clamped into position, the door is closed. FAB 1's hydrofoils retract whilst water is removed from the garage.

In the episode The Man From MI.5, Parker lost the yacht after staking it in a game of poker.

FAB 2 appeared again in Introducing Thunderbirds, because this episode is set way before the events of The Man From MI.5.

Lady Penelope's Cabin



Technical Data


Length: 110 feet.
Beam: 30 feet.
Draught: 8 feet.
Overall height: 42 feet.
Displacement: 300 tons of water.
Long-range cruising speed: 25 knots.
Maximum speed: 60 knots.
Power source: 2 gas turbines driving magneto-hydro-dynamic aquajets.


  • Lifeboats, a satellite communications array that links with Thunderbird 5, video cameras to monitor activity below the yacht, a forward searchlight, and some solar panels.


  • Torpedoes


Graham Bleathman has produced at least four cross-sections of FAB 2. The first appeared in a Fleetway comic, the second appeared in a Redan comic, the third appeared in World of Thunderbirds, and the fourth appeared in the Haynes Thunderbirds manual.


  • In her first TV Century 21 comic adventure, Penelope made use of a yacht called Seabird 1. It was destroyed in an attack by robot master criminal Mr. Steelman.
  • Its successor vessel, Seabird II, appeared in the comic book story Ice Bound.
  • FAB 2 was equipped with a small motorboat for traveling to and from shore. This was used by Parker in The Man From MI5, when Lady Penelope ordered him to take the night off.