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F.A.B. is the codeword used in Thunderbirds and its related spinoffs. It serves a similar purpose to "10-4" or "Roger".


  • According to Sylvia Anderson, F.A.B. does not stand for anything, and is merely a shortening of "fabulous", a popular word used during the original production run in the 1960s.
  • On the official Gerry Anderson website, Jamie Anderson also confirms that there is no meaning to the word, but acknowledges that the best suggestion they’ve heard for a potential meaning is “Fully Acknowledged Broadcast”.[1]
  • The 2015 reboot series makes a deliberate joke about the lack of meaning, when a rescued person in Thunderbird 2 asks about it and never gets an answer.
  • The 2015 reboot series makes another joke about this, having Brains insist on using his own code word, "R.A.D.". Just like F.A.B., it refers to a slang word used to describe something as being great or amazing, only a more modern one, namely "rad", short for "radical".


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