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"There's worse to come. I still have a case of nutomic charges on board."
— Eddie Houseman

"End of the Road" is the ninth episode of Thunderbirds season 1, first broadcast on 25th November 1965.


In a desperate attempt to complete a road-building project in time for the deadline, Eddie Houseman blows the overhanging rocks from a cutting in the middle of a storm. Unfortunately, his truck is too close when he detonates the explosives and is blown to the edge of the precipice, balancing precariously while the cliff face crumbles - and leaving Eddie trapped inside, unable to even move! But when a call to save him is received, International Rescue faces a predicament of its own...


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  • On 13th November 1965, AVRO aired a Dutch-dubbed, black-and-white version of End of the Road in the Netherlands, 12 days before it first aired in the UK.
  • Brains appears briefly in a non-speaking role, playing Gordon at chess.
  • The explosives tractor featured in this episode is later revamped as International Rescue's Fire Truck, used in Security Hazard.


  • When Gordon and Brains are playing chess in the Tracy villa lounge, the chess board is oriented incorrectly, as for both players, there is a white square in the bottom-left corner. 
  • When Thunderbird 2 comes in to pick up the tractor, the sky background briefly changes from grey and stormy to blue (due to old footage being reused).
  • The raindrops seen on the faces of Eddie and his colleagues during the storm are disproportionately large, as water doesn't miniaturize very well.
  • When Lester is attempting to call International Rescue in the panning shot drawing from Bob, Cheng and Chuck to the helijet cockpit, the raindrops on the cockpit window are seen raining UP instead of down.
  • The box of Nutomic Explosives in the cockpit of the Explosives Truck reads "Nutronic Explosives".

Alternative Versions

Century 21 Audio Story

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Foreign Titles

  • French: Le bout de la route
  • German: In der Sackgasse
  • Spanish: Fin del Camino; El final de la carretera (DVD)
  • Italian: Strada interrotta
  • Dutch: Einde van de weg (TV); Geen weg terug (VHS); Het einde van de weg (VHS, DVD)
  • Portuguese: Fim da Estrada
  • Japanese: 死の谷