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Eddie Kerr is a character first seen in City Of Fire. Eddie works as a World TV reporter. He is seen reporting from a helijet on the newly completed Thompson Tower.

Eddie makes an appearance in two more episodes: The Mighty Atom and The Impostors.

In The Impostors, his name is finally given as Eddie Kerr.

City of Fire

Eddie Kerr.png
1a WTV.png

Reporting from a helijet Eddie reports on the opening of the new Thompson Tower.

The Mighty Atom

Eddie Kerr (Tour bus).png

Without glasses

Eddie is among the reporters who are given a tour of the atomic irrigation station on board the atomic irrigation station tour bus.

The Impostors

The Fake Rescue

Eddie Kerr (Fake rescue).png

At the fake rescue, Eddie reports from beside the mine shaft, after arriving in a helijet.

Interviewing General Lambert

Eddie Kerr (Gen Lambert).png
Ti 229.png

Working for World Television, Eddie broadcasts from the Central Office of the General Staff Command, giving viewers an update from General Lambert, on the progress in the hunt for the "impostors".

A Visit from a Fellow Reporter

Posing as a fellow reporter, Lady Penelope receives vital information from Eddie Kerr which enables Jeff Tracy to pinpoint the impostors in the area covered by Jeremiah Tuttle.



The Eddie Kerr puppet appeared in the following 12 episodes (episode numbers refer to production order):

It also appeared twice in the movie Thunderbirds Are Go: as a Space Board member, and as a reporter at the Press Conference. In Thunderbird 6, it played a diner at the Whistle Stop Inn.