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The Earthbreaker was a massive vehicle designed and built by the Mechanic during his operation to mine a scandium ore deposit.


The Earthbreaker made its debut in the same episode as the Mechanic. It appeared somewhere in the African desert where it splits open the ground and starts scooping up scandium ore, a rare mineral that is ten times as valuable as gold. However, a group of miners fall and get trapped in the crevice. The Mechanic didn't care about innocent bystanders and the Earthbreaker does not stop. When GDF Flyers and later Thunderbird 2 try to intervene, he simply launches Air Mechas, disabling the GDF aircraft and forcing Virgil Tracy to rush back to Tracy Island and crash land. Meanwhile, Kayo successfully infiltrates the Earthbreaker and confronts the Mechanic, only to end up being chased by his drones while Scott Tracy works to rescue the trapped miners. Kayo eventually defeats the Mechas and sabotages the machine, forcing the Mechanic to flee in the Magna Prime while the Earthbreaker self-destructs, but not before Kayo makes it out in time.


The Earthbreaker is a gigantic land-based vehicle shaped like a spider. On its front are the cockpit and three large robotic arms. The central arm has a drill wheel attached while the two others have giant pincers on the end. The machine is a mobile, fully self contained scandium ore harvester and refinery. It scoops up the mineral thanks to a suction module located on its underside. The interior of the vehicle is made of giant gears, circuitry, platforms and railing, as well as a refining centre and storage bay in the main body. However, its centralised design is a exploitable weakness: Kayo was able to sabotage the Earthbreaker by disabling cables that acted as the vehicle's "nervous system".

Features and Abilities

  • Robotic arms: These appendages were equipped with pincers and drills that could split the ground open in order to begin the mining process.
  • Suction module: A massive hole located on the vehicle's underside that was used to scoop up scandium ore mineral deposits.
  • Air Mechas: The Earthbreaker contains a suite of drones that are used to secure its interior as well as defend it from outside attacks.
  • Self-destruction: The whole vehicle can blow itself up as a last resort.
  • Escape pod: The entire cockpit can detach itself from the main body and turn into a flying escape pod. This escape vehicle is known as the Magna Prime.