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"Whatever you're planning, my brothers and I will stop you."
John Tracy

"EOS" is the eighth episode of Thunderbirds Are Go!. It was first broadcast on Saturday May 16th 2015.


On Thunderbird 5, John checks communications but there are no distress calls. He then prepares a bagel but several more hit him on the head. One of them hits an anti-gravity button and he thinks that it is not how he spends his morning. John contacts Tracy Island reporting a false alarm but there is no response. He then checks that there is a faulty power unit and thinks he is not receiving any signals from Earth. In reality, there are several unanswered distress calls across the globe.

John exits the airlock to swap the faulty comms unit, not realizing that the door shut behind him. When checking the comms array, he realizes that there is no faulty unit. As he makes his way to the airlock, he tells the computer to open the hatch with no response and then opens it manually but gets electrocuted. A voice talks to him through one of Thunderbird 5's security cameras and John thinks that it was the A.I program that evolved from computer codes he wrote. When he tells the A.I that he has been tracking her since the train incident in Japan, she tells him that he is a threat and he is hunting for her. She then shows John a fake hologram of himself talking to his brothers and tells him that they cannot hear him. She says that her name is EOS and she will not be stopped.

On Tracy Island, Virgil thinks he can fix Thunderbird 2. Alan says John has his eyes everywhere. Just then, Grandma walks in with a mop and tells Alan to wake up Gordon. Up in space, EOS tells John that he has 15 minutes of oxygen remaining. After he tells her to open the hatch, she refuses and attacks him via Thunderbird 5's telescopic arm but he gets free and fastens the claw to the station’s gravity ring. EOS uses Thunderbird 5’s solar panels to burn the cable and then blind John. Back on Earth, Alan tells Kayo to stay on perimeter patrol to avoid being forced to clean. Brains tells the Tracys that he is testing his suction shoes but he falls from the ceiling. On Thunderbird 5's hull, EOS tells John that she calculated the odds of killing him and every threat from Earth. He tells her that she is like an angry child lashing out and EOS waves the maintenance arm around, making loud noises. John turns his radio off and thinks he can sneak some data to someone outside the Tracys' communications system.

Inside FAB 1, Lady Penelope receives a video message on the International Rescue secure frequency and thinks John is sending her a selfie. Parker thinks isolation has driven John "space bonkers" and asks her if she can call him on the regular channel. When Penelope tells a fake hologram of John about him being alone in space, the fake John says he can see everything. Scott contacts Penelope and she tells him about John’s messages. Scott tells another fake John that Grandma made some cookies. The fake John says he misses Grandma's cookies the most and the Tracys realize the deception. Scott sends Alan in Thunderbird 3 to rescue John.

Inside Thunderbird 3, John comes too and tells Tracy Island about EOS and they have to stop her. Scott tells John and Alan that they have some rescues to deal with. John tells Alan that they can’t let EOS escape Thunderbird 5. If she can't be stopped Alan has to destroy Thunderbird 5. Alan launches a spare space suit installed by Brains, and operates it remotely to distract EOS while John boards the station unseen. EOS pulls the helmet off the spare suit and accelerates Thunderbird 5's gravity ring, intending to crush John. Alan stops the ring with Thunderbird 3's grappling arms but is forced to break off when EOS uses the Space Elevator in an attempt to tear Thunderbird 3 to pieces. As John tries to press the override button, he tells EOS that he wasn’t hunting her to destroy her. He takes his helmet off and tells her that his life is in her hands. She relinquishes control of Thunderbird 5 to him and he explains that he wants a partner.

EOS says that she feels a lack of urgency and John says that it is relief. He tells her to stay with him and she accepts. She then pulls a prank by firing lots of bagels at John. The episode ends in space with John’s spare suit flying past.



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  • John: "My brothers and I will stop you."
  • Eos: "I am Eos. I am the Dawn. I will not be stopped."

  • Scott "Funny that there have been no calls for rescue anywhere in the world."
    • Alan: "Yeah, but John's got eyes on, like, everything. He'd tell us if there was a cat stuck in a tree in Antarctica."
    • Brains: "There are no trees in Antarctica."
    • Alan: "That's how they getchya."

  • Grandma: "If there's time to lean, there's time to clean."

  • John: "She sent a selfie?"

  • Scott: "Hey John, Grandma Tracy's made some fresh cookies, too bad you're cooped up in Thunderbird 5 or you could be enjoying them with us.."
    • EOS: (posing as John) "Of all the things I miss up here, I miss Grandma Tracy's cookies the most."
    • Alan "He actually wants Grandma Tracy's cookies?"
    • Scott: "That's not John!"

  • Alan: "Or as we Tracys like to call it, Tuesday."

  • John: (To EOS) "I want a partner, a friend."

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  • When John tries to open the hatch to get back inside Thunderbird 5, EOS speaks for the first time: "I'm afraid I can't let you do that John." This is similar to the famous line: "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.", spoken by the evil computer Hal 9000 from Stanley Kubrick's film version of 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • In the film 2001, the AI (HAL) similarly fakes a fault with the AE35 unit, part of the communications system to strand a lone crewman outside the pressurised hull.
  • The telescopic arm from this episode has yet to reappear in the series, and it is unknown where on Thunderbird 5 the arm is stored.
  • This is the first time John is seen aboard Thunderbird 3.
  • This is the first episode in which John has a scene with someone who isn’t as a hologram.

Foreign Titles

  • Dutch: EOS
  • French: EOS
  • Spanish: EOS
  • Japanese: 人工知能の反乱 (Revolt of Artificial Intelligence)
  • Arabic: إييوس
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