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"You salivatin' suitcase! Down, boy!"
— The alligators aren't as obedient as he had hoped.

A genius in the field of genetic development and possibly one of the brightest minds on Thunderworld, Dr. Hornyak takes great pride in single-handedly assigning himself the mammoth task of solving the world's food shortage. His genius (from revolutionary growth serums to training wild Alligators in a matter of weeks) seemingly knows very little bounds, but is not without a few demons of his own which have potential to damage both his reputation and aspirations.

The problem is, Hornyak is proud of his work. Very proud. Up to a point where he won't take 'no' for an answer in the face of science, and this can run the risk of causing great harm in the future. Some call his outlandish ideas and experiments mad, but he won't have any of that nonsense. It's only a matter of time before someone gets hurt, and given his absent-minded tendencies, most likely it will be him.


Operating deep within a piece of the jungle not yet touched by man, Dr. Hornyak invited a pair of potential buyers, Andy and Culp, to witness the progress of his greatest invention yet. Since their last visit, he began experimenting with the possibility of extracting juice from an unspecified source to act as a special diet additive for livestock, thus greatly expanding the level of meat exportation around the world. What he held off revealing were the side-effects his juice caused; namely his animals growing to monstrous size.

Never the kind of person to stop with one aspiration, Hornyak invested thousands of Government dollars to train a small army of Alligators living in the swamp around his island mansion, once again for an unspecified reason. It's possible this move was taken to protect his new-found formula (named TX2).

The next day, Culp left the laboratory, with Jose guiding him through the dangerous swamp. Hornyak presumedly saw them off, given he was nearby immediately after the first Alligator attack. Whether he was always there or sprinted out after hearing Jose's screaming, the Doctor was nonetheless worried that another lawsuit may come from this incident, thus instructed Andy to go and fish them out. As Culp was being rescued, Hornyak reminded Andy that if they mentioned anything about lawyers, then toss him back in. While the pair managed to reach dry land, the Alligator had set its sights on Hornyak, leading to a thrilling chase back to his laboratory. He attempted to reason with the beast but to no avail, and despite its incrased size and strength, Hornyak successfully reached the door in time.

Powers and Abilities

Most of Hornyak's strength lies within his incredible brain, with a great sense of imagination and daring to give anything a try. He's not too weak either, and can outrun a giant Alligator over a short distance.

The only appearance Dr. Hornyak made was on Attack of the Alligators!, the fifth episode of Turbocharged Thunderbirds.

Interesting Info

  • As with numerous characters in the episode, Dr. Hornyak sports an outrageous accent. In his case, it's a high pitch tone with an overpowering lisp, always pronouncing both “R” and “U” as “W”.
  • He may or may not be related to Professor Bodman.
  • On the original Thunderbirds episode, Hornyak went under the name 'Dr. Orchard'. He was voiced by Ray Barrett.

Foreign Name

  • Japanese: Dr. Honiyaku (ホーニヤク博士)