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The Departure Lounge at London International Airport is where passengers wait for flights of the atomic powered aircraft Fireflash. The lounge features several patterned chairs and swivel chairs. Large windows with views of the tarmac line one side of the lounge while a pine green wall lines the rest. There is a photo of the alps on one wall. Marble patterned columns fill the middle of the room.

Trapped in the Sky

Several people were seen waiting in the Departure Lounge along with Tin-Tin, for the maiden flight from London to Tokyo.

Other Appearances (Isn't That ?)

  • 1. Air Terrainean Guide
  • 2. Man in white jumper (back to camera): Commander Norman
  • 3. Tin-Tin
  • 4. Man in dark glasses reading paper: Was also Kyrano's Doctor in the same episode, as well as the Meeting Advisor in Operation Crash-Dive
  • 5. Man in blue suit: This is the Fireflash Passenger. As far as is known, he made no other appearances.
  • 6. Air Terrainean Personnel: also played the Co-Pilot of TX-204 in this episode.
  • 7. Lady in head scarf: is wearing one of The Hood's disguises, but is it actually The Hood? Perhaps it should more be seen as a practical joke. Notice that her scarf and crocodile leather coat were previously worn by Atlanta Shore in the "Stingray" episode A Christmas to Remember.

The Duchess Assignment

Lady Penelope takes the Duchess of Royston to London Airport, so she can catch the Fireflash (Flight 681) to New York.

Several people were seen waiting in the Departure Lounge along with The Duchess.

Other Appearances (Isn't That...?)