"Where's Madeline got to?"

Deirdre is a model at the studio of Paris-based fashion designer François Lemaire.

She appears in the episode Alias Mr. Hackenbacker.


Sky Anxiety: High-Fashion, and Hijacked!Edit

Madeline, Deirdre and François drive to the airport together to meet Skythrust, the venue for his latest fashion show. The jetliner takes off, bound for London; and the show begins - with Deirdre, Madeline and Lady Penelope modelling various couture from Lemaire's newest collection. And the show is a great success...

But then, Madeline and her cohort, Mason, hijack Skythrust - and hold Deirdre, Penelope, Lemaire and the rest of the passengers and crew at gunpoint, as hostages. Skythrust's pilot, Captain Ashton, is then instructed to fly the plane to a certain obscure location in the Sahara Desert, where the rest of the gang is waiting to abscond with Lemaire's entire collection, made of a revolutionary (and potentially lucrative) new fabric called Penelon...


  • Some sources spell her name Dierdre.