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"He's still at it, poor fellow. Seems to be under some delusion that he's in charge of the rescue."
— Allington Bridge Controller

"Day of Disaster" is the sixth episode of Thunderbirds season 1, originally broadcast on 4th November 1965.


A severe electrical storm weakens the Allington Suspension Bridge, causing it to collapse when the Martian Space Probe convoy tries to cross it - sending the massive rocket itself, and its crew of two technicians, crashing down into the river below. Worse - the rocket's impact with the riverbed triggers the automatic onboard launch countdown, which cannot be stopped! International Rescue - summoned by an unexpected source - answers the call and must get those men out, before the now-rogue rocket launches itself - to certain annihilation...


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  • Thunderbird 4 makes its second appearance of the series, in this episode.
  • Footage of the rescue mission would later used as a flashback in the episode Security Hazard


This episode was released on a 8mm home movie, produced by "Arrow films" (1965)


  • Weirdly, during the time lapse when the Martian Space Probe is trapped underwater for 12 hours, daylight doesn't turn into night.
  • From the model's perspective, the elevator up to the bridge control tower stops about 90% up the structure; whereas, from the puppets perspective, the elevator goes all the way to the top of the structure.

Foreign Titles

  • French: Le pont
  • German: Zwölf Stunden Angst
  • Spanish: Día desastroso
  • Italian: Attesa per il lancio del razzo sonda
  • Dutch: Operatie marsraket (TV 1966); Een rampzalige dag (TV 1991); Dag des onheils (VHS, DVD)
  • Portuguese: Um Dia de Desastre
  • Japanese: 火星ロケットの危機