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"Di'jyou ever try drivin' on sand, dude? It's like trying to play Hendrix, man. You can't just rush the vibes!"
— A safe driver knows when and when not to speed. Sadly, he would forget that a few seconds later.

Like, what a far-out hipster that cat Dave is! This dude can both drive a whole truck filled to the brim with tie-dyed t-shirts around in the middle of a barren desert with his best bud Paul, and apparently play the guitar like one of those superstars! Maybe he even dreams of being a big rockstar one day! Then he can get flown to all the big concerts in style like that Gerry fellow does, and not have to worry about fighting alien terrorists in old pyramids.


Before he got on the scene with those International Rescue dudes, Dave partied hard at Woodstock. Or at least he thinks he did, given the festival was over 125 years ago. Maybe he was having a way-past real trip. Or maybe he doesn't age. The world may never know.

Eventually he met up with a fellow hipster called Paul whom earned a living through home-made tie-dye shirts. Paul had recently put together a fresh batch, and hoped to sell them at a rock concert that superstar Gerry was holding in a remote part of the desert. Sadly neither didn't get to meet the great man, as he chose to arrive by jet.

So off they went in their rickety old six-wheeler with trailer and t-shirts in tow. As the pair attempted to find the concert (and getting hopelessly lost along the way), they spotted a grey and blue ship fly overhead. Maybe it was Gerry! His hope restored, Dave set off in hot pursuit, little realising the adventure of a lifetime he and Paul were about to undergo.

Powers and abilities

Dave is a master of the wheel, safely navigating through a desert. Until he loses his concentration and causes the trailer to snap off. Apparently his karma isn't too faithful either, as the whole trailer exploded seconds after he openly expressed relief that it had survived the crash.


Dave's only involvement on this far-out scene was an adventure called The Lost Pyramid, the sixth episode of Turbocharged Thunderbirds.

Interesting Info

  • Both David and his buddy Paul are portrayed as stereotypical hippies, in their speech patterns and mannerisms. Hence the article's extreme write-up.
  • On the original Thunderbirds episode, Dave was an archaeologist called "Wilson" and his colleague was "Lindsey". They were voiced by Ray Barrett and Matt Zimmerman respectively.

Foreign Name

  • Japanese: Dave (デイヴ)