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This page is a transcription of Danger At Ocean Deep

[Fade in Ocean Pioneer I sailing. Close in on the ship's bridge]

Captain Johnson: "Yes sir, Commander. Six more like Ocean Pioneer and we'll have the most modern fleet afloat."

Commander: "That's if my line don't catch you up, Johnson. My company wanna cut the overhead by getting at least eight tankers just like Ocean Pioneer into service as soon as possible."

Captain Johnson: "I can't say I blame you, sir, three men looking after 120,000 tonnes of seaworthy steel certainly makes the balance sheet look good."

[a noise is heard from the engine]

Captain Johnson: "What is it, Collins?"

Collins: "The reactor's overcompensating, sir."

Captain Johnson: "Switch to manual, Collins, I'll trim it."

[Collins switches from automatic to manual]

Collins: "On manual now, sir."

Captain Johnson: "Right. Give me your readings as I trim."

Collins: "054, rising... 059, rising."

Commander: "There seems to be quite a large amount of mist ahead."

[Ocean Pioneer I is heading towards a mist]

Captain Johnson: "That's strange. Those weather boys don't usually slip up on that sort of thing. No mention of mist in their weather report."

Collins: "063, rising... 068, still rising, Captain."

[Ocean Pioneer I is heading towards a mist. Sounding its fog horn, the ship explodes. The Title Card DANGER AT OCEAN DEEP appears over a scene of debris. Cut to the launch of Ocean Pioneer II]

Lord Worden: "Yes, your ladyship, as chairman I can say the men certainly appreciate your doing us the honour today."

Lady Penelope: "My pleasure, Lord Worden, I assure you."

Lord Worden: "If you will just step this way, dear lady."

[Stevens and Parker drinking champagne in FAB 1]

Stevens: "A thoroughly excellent vintage, Parker. Excellent, I say."

Parker: "Indeed it is, Stephens."

Stevens: "A toast, Parker! A toast to Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward."

Parker: "A toast, Stephens! A toast to one of England's fairest (hic) roses. Pardon me, Stephens."

Stevens: "Course, dear chap, 'course! To her ladyship, cheers!"

Lady Penelope: "It gives me great pleasure to name this ship Ocean Pioneer The Second. May God bless all who sail in her."

[Lady Penelope releases the champagne to officially launch the liner]

Lady Penelope: "Oh, a lovely sight, Lord Worden! A lovely sight. Incredible, isn't it, how they can fit these ships before launching nowadays."

Scottish Onlooker: "Man, she's a beauty! Just take a look at that. Oops! Och, me bonnet!"

[A bonnet drops in front of Lady Penelope]

Lord Worden: "Hurrah!"

TV Reporter: "And now, as Ocean Pioneer II hits the water for the first time, the crowd goes wild.

[Jeff, Brains, Scott and Tin-Tin are watching the broadcast]

TV Reporter: "Yet, for all the excitement of the day, there must be many whose thoughts turn to the ill-fated Ocean Pioneer I that disappeared so tragically only six months ago."

Scott Tracy: "Yeah, I'll say!"

Jeff Tracy: "Hold it, Scott. Look, there's Penny."

TV Reporter: "Lady Penelope, this has been your first major launch. It must have been a great thrill."

Lady Penelope: "Oh, indeed it has. The flags, the people and such a wonderful ship. Although I must confess, the bottle of champagne didn't quite break with the pop that I expected."

TV Reporter: "Yes. Thank you, Lady Penelope. And now, viewers, we leave the shipyards of Clydeside and return you to the studio."

Jeff Tracy: "Right. All we've got to do now is wait for Penelope to report in. I wonder if she's found anything interesting."

Lady Penelope: "Parker? Parker, can you hear me?"

Parker: "Loud and clear, m'lady!"

Lady Penelope: "Parker, where did you get the champagne?"

Parker: "Well... well, m'lady, it was such a good year, 1998, it seemed a pity to waste it. So I slitched it, I mean I snitched it, I mean SWITCHED it."

Lady Penelope: "I thought that bubbly didn't hit the ship with much of a bang! Parker, what was it that I launched the ship with?"

Parker: "M'lady, it was pure tonic water."

Lady Penelope: "Parker, I shall have to talk to you about this later. Meanwhile, I've got a message to relay to Jeff."

[Lady Penelope's necklace flashes on her portrait on Tracy island]

Jeff Tracy: "Ah, there's Penny now. Go ahead, Penny."

Lady Penelope: "Geoff, My plan to launch Ocean Pioneer II was entirely successful."

Jeff Tracy: "Yes, we saw the whole thing on television, Penny. Did anybody suspect anything?"

Lady Penelope: "Well, I don't think so. Lord Worden was only too delighted to have me on the platform."

Jeff Tracy: "How about the ship, did you give it the once-over?"

Lady Penelope: "Yes, Jeff, I gave it the "once-over". But I found nothing that indicated sabotage. I really believe the ship is in no danger, Jeff."

Jeff Tracy: "Well, I'm glad to have your assurance, Penelope. Thanks for investigating it for me."

Lady Penelope: "You're most welcome, Jeff."

Jeff Tracy: "You know, despite what Penelope says I'm still worried about that craft."

Scott Tracy: "But father, I don't get you."

Virgil Tracy: "What's there to worry you, father? Doesn't make sense."

Jeff Tracy: "Listen, boys, if Ocean Pioneer I can blow up in the middle of the ocean for no apparent reason, anything can make sense."

Alan Tracy: "You mean, if it happened once, it could happen again?"

Jeff Tracy: "That's it exactly, Alan. I've just got a feeling we're gonna hear more about that ship when she's left on her maiden voyage."

Tin-Tin: "Well, there's no use brooding over it. If anything's going to go wrong, our worrying over it won't prevent it."

[John's Portrait flashes]

Scott Tracy: "Well, I'll be...."

Virgil Tracy: "Gee, already?"

Jeff Tracy: "OK, John. Let's have it."

John Tracy: "There's a distress call come in from Oahu in the Pacific, father, requiring immediate action."

Jeff Tracy: "What's the trouble, John?"

John Tracy: "A typhoon just hit the island, father, and struck the hospital full force. The foundations are crumbling and the patients are in extreme danger."

Jeff Tracy: "Right, John. Brief Scott when he's airborne. This has got to be quick."

John Tracy: "F.A.B. Switching to standby now."

Jeff Tracy: "Well, at least it's not the tanker in trouble. OK, Scott, on your way."

Scott Tracy: "Yes, sir!"

[Scott enters Thunderbird 1 and departs Tracy Island]

Scott Tracy: "Thunderbird 1 to International Rescue Headquarters. Heading across the Pacific on course 3-2-4 by 0-0-7."

Jeff Tracy: "OK, Scott. Any more information?"

Scott Tracy: "A tidal wave has undermined the footing of the main hospital on the island. John is still getting details. We'll need Thunderbird 2 with double crew and pod 3."

Jeff Tracy: "FAB, Scott, Leave it with me."

Jeff Tracy: "Right, Virgil, on your way with pod 3."

Virgil Tracy: "OK, father."

[Thunderbird 2 departs Tracy Island]

Jeff Tracy: "Alan."

Alan Tracy: "Yes, father?!"

Jeff Tracy: "You're due in the space satellite at 1500. That leaves you out."

Alan Tracy: "Yes, father."

Jeff Tracy: "Gordon."

Gordon Tracy: "Yes, sir?"

Jeff Tracy: "You double-crew with Virgil. On your way."

Gordon Tracy: "Yes, sir!"

Scott Tracy: "Father?"

Jeff Tracy: "Go ahead, Scott."

[Scott's communication is affected by interference]

Scott Tracy: "I'll be landing at the danger zone in two minutes. I've briefed Virgil and Gordon. According to John...."

Jeff Tracy: "Tin-Tin, get Brains up here."

Tin-Tin: "Right away, Mr Tracy."

Alan Tracy: "What do you reckon is causing the interference, father?"

Jeff Tracy: "Hold it a second, Alan, Virgil's coming through.

[Virgil's communication is affected by interference]

Jeff Tracy: "I don't get it. Virgil's lost contact too. This could be very serious."

Jeff Tracy: "Ah, Brains! What do you make of this?"

Brains: "Hmm... I'm afraid that John up in the satellite is now out of contact too, Mr Tracy. I think it only affects transmissions via the satellite."

Jeff Tracy: "Yes, but it cleared itself then, didn't it?"

Brains: "Yes, Mr Tracy, but the interference signal appears to be much stronger this time."

Jeff Tracy: "Alan."

Alan Tracy: "Yes, father?"

Jeff Tracy: "You're due to relieve John in six hours anyway. Can you take off now?"

Alan Tracy: "I guess so, father."

Jeff Tracy: "Brains, you'll need information from the space satellite in order to trace this fault, right?"

Brains: "Yes, Mr Tracy."

Jeff Tracy: "All right then, I want you to go with Alan. We've got a complete communications black out on our hands, and that leaves us vulnerable. International Rescue could fall down on a job for the very first time."

Brains: "Yes, sir."

Alan Tracy: "All set, father."

Brains: "Ready, Mr Tracy."

Jeff Tracy: "Right. On your way, boys."

Part Two.

[John, Alan and Brains in the control room of Thunderbird 5]

Alan Tracy: "Well, Brains, there's your recording of the interference, but it seems a mighty long way to come just to pick up a reel of tape."

Brains: "Not at all, Alan. For a-analytical purposes, a recording made outside the earth's atmosphere is much cleaner."

John Tracy: "OK, Brains, let's move. The sooner I get you back to base, the sooner you'll be able to work out an answer."

John Tracy: "See you then, boy!"

Alan Tracy: "See you, John. Oh, and hey! Don't forget you owe me six hours!"

John Tracy: "See you."

John Tracy: "Stand by for blastoff."

[Thunderbird 3 departs Thunderbird 5. Meanwhile Scott's communication is still suffering from interference]

Kyrano: "Is there no news yet, Mr Tracy?"

Jeff Tracy: "No, Kyrano, not a whisper. That interference is still with us. It's terrifying to realise how much we depend on communication in this rescue business."

Tin-Tin: "Now, now, you two. You mustn't encourage one another! There's probably nothing to worry about."

Kyrano: "And Mr Brains? You haven't heard from him?"

Jeff Tracy: "No, Kyrano. We don't know anything. With all this interference in the air, long-distance transmissions are out. As far as I know, only transmissions over short distances are possible. Between Thunderbirds 1 and 2, for instance."

Tin-Tin: "I suppose I'd better go and start organising lunch. It'll be just the four of us again."

Jeff Tracy: "Yes, Tin-Tin. I guess so."

Kyrano: "Ah, that will be the mail plane, I expect."

Jeff Tracy: "No, Kyrano, that's Thunderbird 1. Tin-Tin, you'd better lay an extra plate. It looks as if Scott will be joining us after all."

Scott Tracy: "Not much point in using the radio with this level of interference. Well, father, I'm coming in now. I just hope that you're ready for me."

[Thunderbird 1 lands at Tracy Island]

Scott Tracy: "Hello, folks."

Jeff Tracy: "Scott, how did it go?"

Scott Tracy: "Well, fine, father. We managed to shore up all the walls with hydrostats, but not before the isolation ward collapsed. Boy, that was close."

Jeff Tracy: "Any casualties?"

Scott Tracy: "No, father. There were no cases in the ward at the time."

Tin-Tin: "Virgil and Gordon, are they alright?"

Scott Tracy: "Sure, Tin-Tin, and even muddier than me. They should be back soon. We found we could contact each other when we were close despite the interference, father."

Jeff Tracy: "Well, at least that's something, Scott. You'd better go and get cleaned up now."

Scott Tracy: "Sure thing, Dad."

Tin-Tin: "By the way, Mr Tracy, the inter-telecast on Ocean Pioneer II is almost due."

Jeff Tracy: "Thank goodness we don't have to contend with interference from outside transmissions. I'll take a look at the programme while we're waiting for Virgil and Gordon to get back."

Virgil Tracy: "Island dead ahead."

[Thunderbird 2 lands at Tracy Island]

Scott Tracy: "All we need now is for Thunderbird 3 to get back, and the whole team is together again."

Tin-Tin: "Yes, and let's hope Brains clears up the mystery of this interference."

[Tin-Tin and Brains in the laboratory]

Brains: "Can I hear the tape once more, Tin-Tin?"

Tin-Tin: "Coming up, Brains."

Brains: "Right, Tin-Tin, keep that sound in your mind. Now, listen."

[Jeff is watching the TV broadcast of Ocean Pioneer II]

Pioneer Base: "And with her first cargo of liquid alsterene, Ocean Pioneer II sails the blue waters of the Mediterranean. Just three men, one ship and 200,000 tons of nature's latest aid to mankind, liquid alsterene."

[On the bridge of Ocean Pioneer II]

Captain: "Jensen, for goodness sake! We're well clear of port now. Check your radio circuits instead of playing with that confounded siren."

Jensen: "Yes, sir."

Captain: "Switch to auto, Number Two."

Number Two: "Auto it is, sir."

Jensen: "Pioneer II to Pioneer base. This is Ocean Pioneer II. Are you receiving me?"

Pioneer Base: "This is Pioneer base at Port of London. Go ahead, Pioneer II."

Jensen: "Everything under control. All systems go. Our next check call timed for 1800 hours."

Pioneer Base: "Thank you, Pioneer II. Over and out."

Jensen: "Steering course 2-5-9 by 3-5-4 at 53 knots, sir."

Captain: "Oh fine, Jensen. Well, Number Two, we'll be home and dry in next to no time at all."

Brains: "Can I see you in the laboratory right away, Mr Tracy?"

Jeff Tracy: "Trouble, Brains?"

Brains: "We've traced the interference, Mr Tracy, but it presents a few problems."

Jeff Tracy: "OK, Brains, I'll be right with you."

Brains: "Set it up again, Tin-Tin, but measure the quantities very carefully."

Scott Tracy: "Yeah, go steady, Tin-Tin."

[Tin-Tin pours chemicals into a test tube]

Jeff Tracy: "OK, Brains, let's have it."

Brains: "Just setting up, Mr Tracy."

Brains: "Can we have the original, Tin-Tin?"

Tin-Tin: "Coming up."

Brains: "Right, Tin-Tin, microphone on."

Tin-Tin: "Microphone on."

Brains: "Our experiments show that the result of close proximity of a high density liquid fuel and a low density substance known as OD-60, produces high impedance waves. Which can interrupt and cut off radio communication on our bandwidth for a given distance. Microphone off, please, Tin-Tin."

[Test tubes A and B start to emit smoke]

Jeff Tracy: "That's the cause. Now, the cure."

Brains: "Too fast, Mr Tracy. The experiment is not quite finished."

Scott Tracy: "No, sir. It sure isn't!"

Jeff Tracy: "Alright, what are we waiting for?"

Brains: "Observe the contents of the test-tubes, Mr Tracy. By even closer proximity, further chemical action takes place, until finally, they...."

[The Test Tubes explode]

Jeff Tracy: "OK, Brains, what does it all add up to?"

Brains: "It adds up to a very large explosion in whatever area one finds both "A" and "B", "A" being alsterene and "B" being...."

Jeff Tracy: "Alsterene, you say?"

Brains: "Yes, Mr Tracy. Alsterene, and sea fungi found close to the currents of the Gulf Stream: OD-60. It's used to make dog food, of all things. Scott, have you got a fix yet?"

Scott Tracy: "Yes, but it just doesn't make sense! Working on Alan's orbits and the time of the black-outs, I land smack in the middle of the Mediterranean, miles from the Gulf Stream, and miles from the nearest landfall."

Jeff Tracy: "This OD-60, is it only found in the Gulf Stream area?"

Brains: "I believe so, Mr Tracy."

Tin-Tin: "Oh, Lady Penelope could soon tell us."

Jeff Tracy: "Penny? How would she know?"

Tin-Tin: "Wasn't she on the panel to judge the Allpets poodle competition?"

Scott Tracy: "Poodle competition?"

Tin-Tin: ""Allpets, the only dog food that uses the food that nature provides from the sea". OD-60, of course."

Jeff Tracy: "Tin-Tin, get on to Penny right away. I want to know each location of OD-60 and whether any has been found in or near the Mediterranean. And tell her to make it fast. I've got a hunch."

Scott Tracy: "A hunch, father?"

Jeff Tracy: "Yes, Scott, a very strong hunch that somewhere just about here, there's a great pile of OD-60. But it's more than a hunch that sailing out from here is 200,000 tons of alsterene in Ocean Pioneer II."

[Cut to Ocean Pioneer II]

Jensen: "75 miles from the coast, Captain."

Captain: "Excellent, Jensen. Excellent."

Pioneer Base: "This is Port of London, Pioneer Base to Pioneer II. Come in, Ocean Pioneer II."

Jensen: "This is Ocean Pioneer II to Pioneer Base. Our chart position is 3-5-0 by 2-1-0, proceeding at 60 knots. Over."

Pioneer Base: "Good progress, Pioneer II. We'll have a reception committee...."

Captain: "Get rid of that noise, Jensen!"

[The Offices of AllPets]

Sir Arthur: "Lady Penelope! How very delightful!"

Lady Penelope: "Sir Arthur, it's so good of you to see me at such short notice. It's this doggie book that I'm compiling, you know. Now, in the chapter on feeding, I feel that my readers will want to know more about OD-60."

Sir Arthur: "Of course I know I can rely on your discretion. We wouldn't like everyone to know where to trawl for our product."

Lady Penelope: "Oh, of course, Sir Arthur. You can rely on me entirely."

Sir Arthur: "Thank you, Lady Penelope. Well now, looking at this map, if we follow the Gulf Stream from its source here, and around the coast of Florida, we find the main sources of OD-60."

Lady Penelope: "The main sources, Sir Arthur? There are others, then?"

Sir Arthur: "Well... we don't know yet. Look at the map. Just look at the distance that we have to transport OD-60. I tell you, the capital costs are crippling to my company. Now, what we have done is to dump 150,000 tons of active OD-60 in the Mediterranean, in the hope that it will flourish and provide further raw material for Allpets."

Lady Penelope: "Then there is OD-60 in the Mediterranean?"

Sir Arthur: "No... well, we don't know for sure yet."

Lady Penelope: "Well, what a capital idea! I promise I won't tell any of the girls at the club. You can count on me, Sir Arthur."

[Parker and Lady Penelope in FAB 1]

Parker: "I trust the mission was successful, m'lady?"

Lady Penelope: "Yes, Parker. Sir Arthur confirmed all our worst suspicions. There really is OD-60 in the Mediterranean. I must radio Jeff at once to warn him. Ocean Pioneer II is heading straight for trouble."

[A rolling mist on the Mediterranean Ocean. Cut to Scott talking on a microphone on Tracy Island]

Scott Tracy: "Ocean Pioneer II from International Rescue. Ocean Pioneer from International Rescue. It's spreading to the lower frequencies now."

Scott Tracy: "It's no use, father. We'll never get through."

Jeff Tracy: "All right, Scott, it was just a long shot."

Virgil Tracy: "Well, I guess it's no use waiting for them to send out a distress call. Because they're just aren't able to make one."

Scott Tracy: "What are we standing around for, then? Come on, let's go!"

[Thunderbirds 1 and 2 departs Tracy Island. Cut to Ocean Pioneer II]

Part Three.

[The bridge on Ocean Pioneer II]

Jensen: "Pioneer II to Port of London Pioneer Base. Come in Pioneer Base. It's no good, Captain, we're just not getting through."

Captain: "Number Two, trim your reactor definition. You're two points over."

Number Two: "Very good, sir. She won't respond to orders, sir."

Captain: "Jensen, switch over to manual. I'll trim the reactor myself."

Jensen: "Very good, sir. Manual it is, sir."

Captain: "Right, Jensen. Give me your readings as I trim."

Number Two: "We're starting to overcompensate, sir."

Captain: "Start your readings, Jensen."

Jensen: "Reading 0-3-9, sir, rising. 0-4-2, rising. 4-7, still rising, sir."

Number Two: "Speed rising to 80 knots, Captain!"

Jensen: "Ocean Pioneer II to Port of London Pioneer base. This is an emergency!"

[The reactor reading is reaching critical]

Captain: "It's no good, Number Two. The reactor's gone too far! Close down the radiation shields! Jensen, steer on radar, course 3-7-0 by 2-9-8. Boy, what a maiden voyage this is turned out to be. Even the weather's deteriorating!"

[Ocean Pioneer II is heading towards the ocean mist. The reflective shields are lowered on the bridge. As the ship sails into the mist, the Emergency Radiation Hazard siren is sounded]

Jensen: "Steering on Radar course 3-7-0 by 2-9-8, sir, at 85 knots."

[The reactor reading reaches critical]

Captain: "85! The engines won't stand it! They won't stand it!"

[There is an explosion on the ship which causes the air-conditioning to stop]

Captain: "Jensen. Jensen!"

Jensen: "S-sir?"

Captain: "The radio, Jensen. Call International Rescue. It's our last chance. We can't last long without air."

Jensen: "International Rescue. Must call International Rescue...."

[Cut to Thunderbird 1]

Scott Tracy:' "OK, Virgil, I've found her. She's drifting off course towards the danger zone. There's quite a lot of mist around too, which isn't gonna help matters."

Virgil Tracy: "I can hardly hear you, Scott. This interference is really getting worse. I suggest we keep radio contact down to the minimum."

Scott Tracy: "FAB! I'm going to try to land on the deck."

[Thunderbird 1 lands on the deck on Ocean Pioneer II. Meanwhile the crew is almost faint from a lack of oxygen]

Jensen: "Calling International Rescue. Radiation shields in position. Air supply failed. Over."

[Scott walks on the deck with a safety suit]

Scott Tracy: "Gee, it's getting real thick! I hope Virgil's not far off!"

[On Thunderbird 2]

John Tracy: "Just take a look at that!"

Virgil Tracy: "Terrifying, isn't it."

[Scott attaches a listening device to the ship]

Scott Tracy: "This is International Rescue. This is International Rescue. If you can hear me, speak in the direction of the lower port bulkhead."

Virgil Tracy: "We're never gonna find the tanker in all this. See if you can get through to Scott and home on his signal."

John Tracy: "Thunderbird 2 calling Ocean Pioneer. Come in, Scott. Nothing."

Scott Tracy: "Now, where the heck is Virgil? We can't afford to split up now.

[Thunderbird 2 appears]

Scott Tracy: "That's him! Calling Virgil in Thunderbird 2. Calling Thunderbird 2!"

John Tracy: "There he is! Come in, Scott. Where are you?"

Scott Tracy: "I can hear your motors. You're somewhere over to the starboard side. Steer five degrees to port."

John Tracy: "There she goes."

Scott Tracy: "OK, Now, let's hurry it up, fellas. There's not a moment to waste!"

Virgil Tracy: "OK, John. On your way."

John Tracy: "Right, Virgil. Keep her steady."

[John is lowered from Thunderbird 2]

John Tracy: "Here goes!"

Scott Tracy: "OK, Virgil, as soon as John hits the deck, stand well clear till I send for you."

[John meets Scott who is burning a hole through the metal door]

John Tracy: "How's it coming, Scott?"

Scott Tracy: "I'm nearly there, John."

Scott Tracy: "Here it comes."

[Scott knock over the door]

John Tracy: "Say, they look in bad shape, Scott."

Scott Tracy: "Yeah, now come on!"

John Tracy: "Just look."

[The ocean surface is bubbling]

Scott Tracy: "This can only mean one thing. We must be right over the OD-60 now."

John Tracy: "Virgil, better come in and stand by. And step on it, or we might not be around when you get here."

Virgil Tracy: "I'm on my way. How's Scott getting at?"

John Tracy: "He's bringing round the crew."

Scott Tracy: "Captain, can you hear me?"

Captain: "Call International Rescue It's our only hope."

Scott Tracy: "Well, I sure hope you're right, Captain."

John Tracy: "OK, Virgil. You're right above us. Start dropping."

Jensen: "Look out!"

[Thunderbird 2 hits the ship's antenna as it descends]

John Tracy: "Hold it there, Virgil. OK, Virgil, down rescue gear."

Scott Tracy: "Captain, lead your men off the ship."

Captain: "Young fella, I just want you to know...."

Scott Tracy: "Sorry, Captain, there's no time right now. Your ship is about to blow up."

Captain: "It's what?"

Scott Tracy: "OK, Virgil, pull away. And you make it snappy!"

Virgil Tracy: "FAB, Scott."

[John is raised back to Thunderbird 2 and then departs. The ship then starts to explode as Thunderbird 1 departs]

John Tracy: "There's no sign of him anywhere."

Virgil Tracy: "Thunderbird 1 from Thunderbird 2. Come in, Scott. The interference has cleared but Scott doesn't answer."

John Tracy: "He's just got to have made it."

Virgil Tracy: "Thunderbird 1, Come in, please. Do you read me?"

Scott Tracy: "Loud and clear, Virgil! OK, let's get out of here. See you back at the base."

[On Tracy Island]

John Tracy: "I still say that 120,000 tonnes of ship stands for a heck of capital investment, Scott, and we should have tried towing her out."

Scott Tracy: "Sure. Sure, boy. But do you reckon we could have made it in time?"

John Tracy: "Who knows? It's part of the game."

Jeff Tracy: "Now, hold it, boys. John, how many rescues have you been out to?"

John Tracy: "I guess about a dozen, father."

Jeff Tracy: "Scott?"

Scott Tracy: "All of them, father."

Jeff Tracy: "OK. Yet you still argue."

John Tracy: "We weren't arguing."

Scott Tracy: "We were just discussing it, father."

Jeff Tracy: "Listen. For many years now, man has worked to perfect the material things in this world, and he's done pretty well for himself. If a building falls down, he can soon build it up again. With life, it's different, and this is why the object of International Rescue will never change. Your job is to save lives that are in danger. And that's how it's gonna be, always. Got it?"

Scott Tracy: "Well, that's OK by me, father."

John Tracy: "Yeah, sure, father."

Jeff Tracy: "OK. Go and dip your hot heads in the pool. I want to read my book."

The End.