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You may be looking for the 1965 version.

The Creighton-Ward Manor is a Southern English mansion, which has been the home of the aristocratic Creighton-Ward family for many generations. International Rescue agent Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, her pet dog Sherbet, and her manservant Parker currently live in the manor.

The manor features two wings and a central building. The wing on the right is the North wing and the other being the South. The North wing features a modern and cozy living room that appeared in Designated Driver and Up from the Depths. The South wing was featured at the end of Unplugged. It is a large dining/sitting room with polished herringbone wooden floors.

The manor first appeared at the end of Unplugged, when Virgil and Grandma joined Lady Penelope for tea.

In The Hexpert, a GDF Plane landed at Creighton-Ward Manor to collect Parker's tools in order to break into an anti-matter vault.

In Designated Driver, a pair of crooks visited and kidnapped Lady Penelope and Great Aunt Sylvia . They hijacked FAB 1 but Alan, Scott and Parker stopped them in an aerial pursuit with FAB 0 and Thunderbird 1.

In Legacy, the Manor briefly appeared when Lady Penelope activated protocol W.A.S.P.




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