"This I must see. International Rescue, you are cleared to land. Use runway Two-Nine."

Commander Norman is the director of London International Airport. He has been present for several rescue operations carried out by International Rescue, including their very first (Trapped in the Sky).


Trapped in the SkyEdit

Comander Norman (Trapped in the Sky)
Commander Norman.1

In the first episode, Fireflash is sabotaged by The Hood, leaving the plane unable to land.

Commander Norman and his staff, watch on helplessly as International Rescue, saves the plane from disaster.

Operation Crash-DiveEdit

Commander Norman (Operation Crash-dive)

Commander Norman was in the control tower of London International Airport for the launch of Fireflash 3, destined for San Francisco. When radio contact with its pilot was lost, Norman launched a major air-sea search effort, "Operation Seahawk" - but nothing of the missing airliner was ever found. Before the test-flight of Fireflash 4, Norman held a briefing with the crew and other guests.

Edge Of ImpactEdit


Commander Norman was assigned to the "World Space Control Project" in order to assist Colonel Tim Casey in the Red Arrow aircraft trials. (The Central Control is based in the control tower at London and overlooks the Military side of the Airport.)

Alias Mr HackenbackerEdit

Commander Norman (Mr.Hackenbacker)

Commander Norman was present, along with Captain Saville and members of the press, at the test flight of Skythrust - a revolutionary new airliner, designed by Brains. The demonstration was witnessed from the roof of Building 67.

After the Skythrust demonstration, Captain Saville tells Commander Norman that "the plane is ready to go into service," and Norman agrees that the test "was most satisfactory."

The Mighty AtomEdit

Comander Norman (conferance)

Commander Norman makes a cameo appearance at General Speyer's press meeting, in The Mighty Atom.