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This page is a transcription of City Of Fire

Part 1

[Cue Edge of Impact victory theme. Scene opens to a helijet in flight. Scene cuts to cockpit.]

Eddie Kerr: "We are now flying at 3000 ft folks. Beneath us are the clouds and below them, way down is the ground. We're up here to show you people a really fantastic sight."

[Scene cuts to the top of the glorious Thompson Tower. Cue Empire State Building theme. Title card City of Fire is displayed.]

Eddie Kerr: "That, folks, is the newly completed Thompson Tower. We will fly right up to the building and take you vertically down past the sea of windows."

[The helijet descends a little to the top of the Tower. Cue again Empire State Building theme. The helijet begins to vertically descend down past the building.]

Eddie Kerr: "Open for the first time today, Thompson Tower is more than just a gigantic multiple store. It is a completely self contained city. Every single commercial item produced throughout the entire world can be obtained on these 350 floors. [The helijet continues to descend.] A person could live a whole year without moving from one of the rooms of the 12 hotels, which are housed in the Tower. Half a mile wide and 2 miles deep, it is a stupendous feat of engineering skill and commercial achievement. And beneath the great structure, is a massive sub-basement with a honeycomb of corridors, and parking space for 10,000 automobiles. A monorail 4 miles long links the parking area with the store."

[The helijet still continues to descend. Scene cuts to Tracy island exterior. Cue Thunderbirds: Mission Successful theme. Cuts to Thunderbird 2 Cliff Hangar exterior. Cuts to testing room. Scott and Virgil Tracy are wearing protective suits and are testing a new gas designed by Brains on a steel door. Brains, Jeff Tracy and Tin-Tin Kyrano are observing their progress.]

Tin-Tin: "Oxyhydnite power rising to 27,000. Pressure: 4, 5, 6."

Brains: "Er-er, good. The steel should be yielding a-a-at any moment now."

Jeff Tracy: "If this new gas is all you say it is Brains, it'll help our work tremendously."

Brains: "I-I-I know, sir. But we're still in the experimental stages. Er-er we don't know what effect the mixture will have o-o-o-on the operators."

[Scene cuts to laboratory exterior.]

Jeff Tracy [Into radio microphone.]: "Remember, boys, at the first sign of trouble, get yourselves outta there."

[Scene cuts to testing area.]

Virgil Tracy: "It's working! The flame's starting to penetrate!"


Jeff Tracy: "It's amazing. 15 seconds I make it. That's 3 times faster than a laser beam."

Brains: "Y-y-yeah i-i-it's better than I expected."

Jeff Tracy: "Looks like you've done it again, Brains."

Brains: "Well i-i-it's a little too early to tell, Mr Tracy. But the signs a-a-are favourable."

[Scene cuts to testing area.]

Jeff Tracy [Into radio, O.C.]: "You're doing great, boys. Cut a panel large enough to get through and we'll call it a day."

Scott Tracy: "OK, father."

[Scene then cuts to the back of Virgil's gas pack. Camera pans down to the black tubing. A green light starts glowing.]


Tin-Tin: "Virgil's blood pressure has risen slightly."

[Testing area.]

Jeff Tracy [Into radio, O.C.]: "Are you OK, Virgil?"

Virgil Tracy: "Sure father. Never felt better."


Jeff Tracy: "Why the rise, Brains?"

Brains: "Er-er, could be due to normal r-reaction to concentration, Mr Tracy."

[Testing area. Cuts to the back of Scott's gas pack. A green light also starts glowing there too.]


Jeff Tracy: "They're appear to be working fine, Brains. Almost enjoying themselves."

[Testing area. Camera zooms in on Scott and Virgil. Virgil stands up. Cue suspenseful theme. The green light continues to glow.]

Virgil Tracy: "Nearly there, Scott."

Scott Tracy: "Yeah. Few more minutes."

[The green light does not fade. Then Virgil starts to look dizzy, sweat and sways a little.]

Jeff Tracy [On radio, O.C.]: "Virgil, what's wrong? Are you alright?" [Cuts to laboratory exterior. Jeff has his frown expression on.] "Virgil! Answer me! Are you OK? ... Scott, can you hear me?" [Cuts to show Scott is also looking dizzy and sweaty.] "Answer me, Scott!"

[Laboratory. Jeff turns on the radio. Scott and Virgil's breathing can be heard.]

Jeff Tracy: "Their breathing sounds normal, but something's wrong..."

[Soon, Virgil suddenly falls backwards and passes out.]

Jeff Tracy: "Turn off those gas cylinders, Brains, and let's get them out of there!"

Brains [O.C.]: "Yes, Mr Tracy."

[Testing area. Scott soon succumbs to the mysterious reaction and falls to the ground. Jeff and Tin-Tin continue to watch as Brains disables their gas tanks.]

Jeff Tracy: "Right, Tin-Tin, go and prepare the sick room."

Tin-Tin: "Yes, Mr Tracy."

[Tin-Tin exits. Scene cuts to sick room. Scott and Virgil are asleep on individual sickbeds. Brains is working between them as Jeff and Tin-Tin arrive.]

Jeff Tracy: "Well, Brains. Is there any change in the boys?"

Brains: "I er I-I-I'm afraid not, Mr Tracy, but I, I got the results of the tests."

Jeff Tracy: "You have? Well, what went wrong? Were it the masks that were faulty?"

Brains: "No, I-I-I checked them Mr Tracy and they're per-perfectly sound. Scott and Virgil are physically O-OK. But the blood samples show positively that the gas entered through the pores of the skin."

Jeff Tracy: "And there have been no after effects?"

Brains: "No. There's no sign of any gas left in their bodies."

[Virgil starts coming round as Brains speaks.]

Tin-Tin: "Look! Virgil's coming round!"

Jeff Tracy: "Hi Virgil. How are you feeling?"

[Virgil wakes up and sits up.]

Virgil Tracy: "Just great... Hey, what am I doing in the sick room?"

Jeff Tracy: "Don't you remember the gas then?"

Virgil Tracy: "Of course... Yeah... I remember feeling dizzy and then, and then I guess I must've passed out."

Tin-Tin: "Scott's coming round too now."

[Scott wakes up.]

Scott Tracy: "Gee, that was, that was sure a good sleep..."

Jeff Tracy: "Hello son. How do you feel now?"

Scott Tracy: "Hey, what's all this bedside manner stuff?"

Tin-Tin: "You passed out in the test chamber, remember?"

Scott Tracy: "Oh yeah. That's right."

Jeff Tracy: "What happens now, Brains?"

Brains: "Well I, I get back to the lab and start work on the oxyhydnite again."

Virgil Tracy: "Hey what about us? Can't we get up?"

Jeff Tracy: "Alright boys, but take it easy. Get some fresh air. It's a lovely day."

[Scene cuts to an overhead view of a motorway. A white car's horn is honking at the car in front, which is driving irrationally. The people in the white car are Joe Carter, his wife, Blanche, and their son Tommy. Joe is the one honking the horn.]

Blanche Carter: "Oh, hush, dear. She's probably just learning to drive."

Joe Carter: "She oughta learn in a field. She's a danger to everyone."

[Tommy looks out the window and hears a police siren.]

Tommy Carter: "Say, the Highway Patrol!"

[A police car pulls up alongside the reckless drier and stops it. The Carters continue on.]

Joe Carter: "Heh. I guess she had that coming. People like that cause accidents, they're a menace."

Tommy Carter: "Wow! Is that it, dad?"

[Scene briefly cuts to show the magnificently tall Thompson Tower in the distance.]

Joe Carter [O.C.]: "That's it, Tommy. Isn't she a giant?"

[Carter's car.]

Blanche Carter: "There's the auto-park entrance. But it's such a long way from the store, Joe."

Joe Carter: "Sure honey. 4 miles, space for 10,000 wagons, covers a pretty big area... Now here we go, down the ramp."

[Scene cuts to see the Carter's car travel down the ramp. Cuts to the entrance interior. Joe stops before a barrier and collects a parking ticket. The barrier raises, and the car moves forward, until it comes to a halt in one of the parking spaces.]

Joe Carter: "OK. Let's go see the store."

Blanche Carter: "But how do we get there?"

Joe Carter: [Pointing it out.] "That way, Blanche. Follow that sign to the monorail."

[Scene cuts back to the motorway. Cue Child Fun theme. The previously apprehended driver is a woman in a fluffy hooded coat, with her husband.]

Woman Driver: "Imagine that patrol car stopping me like that. The nerve of those guys!"

Woman Driver's Husband: "Forget it dear, you only got a ticket. Concentrate on whatcha doing. We're coming to the auto-park entrance."

[The car speeds along, down the ramp.]

Woman Driver's Husband: "Slow down. You're coming to the barrier."

[The car passes a sign saying "TICKETS".]

Woman Driver's Husband: "Use the brake, honey, you're going too fast!"

[The woman's foot touches the brake then slams down on the accelerator.]

Woman Driver's Husband [O.C.]: "Brake, will ya?!"

[The car smashes through the tickets barrier.]

Woman Driver's Husband: "Oh, what in thunder are ya doing?! You're killing us!"

[Scene cuts to the parking space.]

Woman Driver's Husband [O.C.]: "Now for Pete's sake - STOP!!"

[The car crashes into another parked car and catches fire.]

Woman Driver's Husband: "Get out of here! The car's on fire! Quick! The emergency exit!"

[Scene cuts to the car giving off flames, then goes KABOOM! The explosion spreads over the parking lot onto the other vehicles. One of them also explodes. The inferno starts to pick up.]

[Corridor. The Carter's are standing in the middle of one.]

Blanche Carter: "What's that rumbling, Joe?"

Joe Carter: "I dunno, Blanche. Right now I'm trying to figure out which way to get to this monorail."

Blanche Carter: "Well the sign said 'This Way'."

Joe Carter: "It also said sections North, South, East, West and twenty other points on the compass. It's like a rabbit warren down here."

Blanche Carter: "Well I told you to buy a guide book."

Joe Carter: "Alright, alright! Let's hurry along, we'll be down here all day."

[The Carters continue on. Scene cuts to the underground parking lot. The fire has started to rage now. One of the vehicles gives off an explosion. Cuts to a close up view of an alarm system box. The little needle points to the red section. Scene cuts to above the ground. Camera pans over to the significantly smaller Thompson Tower Control centre. Cuts to Control interior. An alarm begins ringing.]

Tower Controller: "Fire in areas 1 and 2. Check all sprinkler systems and alarms."

Tower Control Assistant: "Systems negative."

Tower Controller: "Operate emergency systems."

[The Assistant does so.]

Tower Control Assistant: "It's no good. They don't respond."

Tower Controller: "OK. Alert all fire appliances. We must contain the fire to the sub-basement, so seal it off. I want all those corridors shut down."

[The Assistant moves the control desk to a new position, facing a screen showing the underground corridors.]

Tower Control Assistant: "Corridor A12 clear."

[He presses a button. A steel fire seal door is lowered on the screen.]

Tower Control Assistant: "A12 sealed."

[Scene cuts to a fire station. Several fire trucks start up and move out. Scene cuts to Tower Control.]

Tower Control Assistant: "Corridor C14 clear."

[He presses a switch. A seal door is also lowered.]

Tower Control Assistant: "C14 sealed."

Tower Controller: "How are those fire tenders coming?"

Tower Control Assistant: "They're on their way. All stations within a 40 mile radius have been alerted."

[Scene cuts to show two police cars speeding past, then back to Tower Control.]

Tower Control Assistant: "Ten appliances will be here within seven minutes."

Tower Controller: "Good. Direct them to section 12. The people in the Tower won't see them there. It's vital we don't scare anyone. And if we're lucky we won't need the tenders."

[Scene cuts to show a fire tender speeding past then to corridor D50.]

Tommy Carter: "Gee, Mom and Dad sure take their time. Say Dad, I'm gonna hide. I bet you won't find me."

Joe Carter: [Playing.] "Oh yes we will."

Tommy Carter: "Oh no you won't..."

[Cuts to Tower Control.]

Tower Control Assistant: "Corridor D49 clear." [Presses a switch. A seal closes off D49.] "D49 sealed."

[Cuts to corridor D50. Tommy has hidden himself in the Conditioning Plant room.]

Tommy Carter [O.C.]: "You'll never find me!"

Blanche Carter: "Oh yes we will."

Joe Carter: "Oh yes we will. Shush..." [He kicks the door open in a mock parody of a arrest.] "OK, this is the police! We're comin' to getcha! Don't make a move! We got you covered, the place is surrounded!"

[Tommy comes out of his hiding spot.]

Joe Carter: "OK, Lieutenant, keep 'em covered."

Blanche Carter: "Keep moving. You're under arrest."

Tommy Carter: "OK. I'll come quietly..."

[Cuts to Tower Control. Cue "Vault of Death" suspenseful theme.]

Tower Control Assistant: "Corridor D50 clear." [He pushes a button. D50 is sealed off.] Corridor D50 sealed."

[Corridor D50.]

Blanche Carter: "Well, now let's find our way out of this maze."

[Scene cuts to underground parking area. One of the vehicles explodes. The fire continues to rage.]

[Corridor D50.]

Joe Carter: "Say Blanche, we can't go that way, it's blocked."

Blanche Carter: "I told you we should have bought a guide book."

[Joe turns around, only to see another fire seal door blocking the other way.]

Joe Carter: "That end's closed, too!"

[Da, da, da!]

Blanche Carter: "Joe, we're shut in here!"

Joe Carter: "What's going on around here?"

[Tower Control.]

Tower Control Assistant: "All corridors checked and sealed.

Tower Controller: "That means we can contain the fire in Areas 1 and 2."

Tower Control Assistant: "Yeah, she'll just burn herself out down there."

Tower Controller: "Have those fire tenders standing by, just in case."

[The Assistant presses a button marked Main Vent Seal, but a green light flashes and a fast beeping sound is heard.]

Tower Control Assistant: "Say, the Main Vent Seal has failed to operate."

[Scene cuts to underground parking lot. The inferno has caught all of the cars and is now spreading through the main vents. An alarm starts sounding at the Control Centre.]

Tower Control Assistant: "That's the building alarm!"

Tower Controller: "The fire's caught the tower. We must seal that vent shaft! Alert fire tenders and get to work on that vent cover."

[The Controller moves over to the window.]

Tower Control Assistant: "More appliances are arriving."

Tower Controller: "Get them to sector 12 and have them standing by ready to move in at seconds notice."

[Scene cuts to show a yellow fire tender and a yellow police van stopping under a tree. Cuts to show several more red fire trucks arriving and stopping just before them.]

Tower Controller: "Is the air vent seal in position?"

Tower Control Assistant: "No sir. We can't shift it."

Tower Controller: "Well try, man. It's vital."

Tower Control Assistant: "It's no good! The cover's jammed, and flames are going right up the building!"

Tower Controller: "OK. Move those tenders in. We can't wait any longer."

Tower Control Assistant: "But the people in the tower will panic if they see twenty appliances screaming towards them."

Tower Controller: "They'll see nothing at all if those flames are not put out. Get them here now!"

[Scene cuts to show the several fire appliances starting up and setting up. The fire tender and the police van are the first to be zooming away, followed closely by the red fire trucks. Cuts to Corridor D50. Joe is banging on the fire seal door.]

Joe Carter: "Hey! Open this door! Let us out!"

[Suddenly smoke billows from underneath the door. Cue Vault of Death suspenseful theme.]

Blanche Carter: "Joe! Joe, look!"

Joe Carter: "The place is on fire. They've shut us in." [Bangs on the door.] "OPEN THIS DOOR!"

[Scene cuts to a exterior section of the tower and as it catches fire and explodes, the scene fades out.]

Part 2

[Scene fades back into the previous shot of the tower, which is smoking and flaming. Scene cuts to Tower Control. The Controller and Assistant look at the control board.]

Tower Controller: "Section 7 evacuated."

Tower Control Assistant: "And section 10."

Fire Chief [On radio.]: "Fire Chief to Central Control: all pumps operational, but we're not holding the fire!"

[Cue Drama on the South East Pass theme. Another close up section of the tower explodes twice. Scene cuts to ground level. All fire trucks and tenders are spraying water but it is obsolete as the fire is now a raging blaze. An explosion occurs as the fire gives off blue-white flames. It explodes twice more, then scene cuts to just behind one of the trucks, the tower explodes again and then gives off another colossal boom.]

Tower Control Assistant: "Section 19 evacuated."

Tower Controller: "It's going up like matchwood!"

Blanche Carter: "Why don't they let us out?"

Joe Carter: "Help! We're down in the basement!"

Tommy Carter: "Mum, Mum, where's the smoke coming from?"

Blanche Carter: "Now, don't worry, Tommy. We'll be out soon, you'll see."

Joe Carter: "Can you hear me? Please, someone let us out!"

Tower Control Assistant: "Sections 103 and 113, evacuated."

Tower Controller: "Good. Check the cameras. Let's see if the fire has spread."

Tower Control Assistant: "Corridor D50, clear. Say... wait! How did they get in there? We checked all those corridors, they were empty."

Tower Controller: "Maybe, but there are three people in there now. And we've got to get them out."

Tower Control Assistant: "But how? It's impossible. No one can get near the sub-basement entrances."

Tower Controller: "We've lost the picture. Which corridor were they in?"

Tower Control Assistant: "D50, but we can't reach that! What are we going to do?"

Tower Controller: "I don't know. I just don't know."

Joe Carter: "The air is stifling."

Tommy Carter: "Are we gonna die, Mum?"

Blanche Carter: "Of course not. Are we, Joe?"

Joe Carter: "No, no, someone will come, someone will rescue us."

Alan Tracy: "How you feel now, boys? Mighty strange stuff, that gas of Brains."

Scott Tracy: "Yeah, he's working on it now. Funny thing is, I feel better than normal."

Virgil Tracy: "Yeah, me too. Let's hope Brains irons out the snags. That new cutting power could be useful."

Alan Tracy: "Not if it's going to knock you out each time you use it. Say, Tin-Tin is sure enjoying herself."

Alan Tracy: "Reckon you're in the best place. Boy, is it hot today! How's the water, Tin-Tin?"

Tin-Tin: "Just great, Alan. Why don't you come in, it's so cool."

Alan Tracy: "Haven't time. I'm Sorry, I'm going to get ready to relieve John in an hour. His term of duty in the space station is over for another month."

Tin-Tin: "It'll be nice to see him again. He must get lonely up there."

John Tracy: "Less than two hours to go, then, back to Earth! I can't wait to dive into that pool. Sure gets lonely up here. It's so quiet. Still, not much longer now."

Tower Controller: "Calling International Rescue."

John Tracy: "I spoke too soon."

Tower Controller: "Calling International Rescue. Calling International Rescue. This is Thompson Tower. Do you read me?"

John Tracy: "Thompson Tower from International rescue. Receiving you, strength five. Go ahead."

Tower Controller: "The tower is on fire. The fire fighters can't control it. We need help bad. My buddy here said you were the people to contact. You're our only hope."

John Tracy: "Very well. Give me the details."

Tower Controller: "It's simple. We can't put the fire out, and what's even worse, there are three people trapped below ground."

John Tracy: "OK, we'll get help to you as quickly as possible."

Tower Control Assistant: "Thank goodness I remembered that outfit."

Tower Controller: "Yeah, but they'd better get here soon. The flames have reached the top of the building."

Jeff Tracy: "Go ahead, John."

John Tracy: "The new Thompson Tower is on fire, father. Three people are trapped beneath the building. There's not much time."

Scott Tracy: "Someone's in trouble, Virgil."

Virgil Tracy: "Yeah, let's join Dad and get the brief. Tin-Tin, Alan, you'd better come too."

Alan Tracy: "I'll be right there."

Tower Control Assistant: "Section 709, evacuated."

Tower Controller: "Good. I wonder how they're doing in that corridor. That's the last place I'd want to be trapped in a fire."

Blanche Carter: "They can't know we're down here."

Joe Carter: "Breathe through this, Tommy. It'll stop some of the smoke."

Blanche Carter: "He's scared out of his wits, poor kid."

Joe Carter: "Why doesn't someone come? They can't leave us to die down here."

Jeff Tracy: "You'd better get over there right away, Scott. We won't know all the details until you investigate."

Scott Tracy: "OK, father. I'm on my way."

Tower Controller: "It's been fifteen minutes since we called International Rescue, and still no word from them."

Jeff Tracy: "This is International Rescue Headquarters calling Thompson Tower. We have received your call for help. Give me all the information you have."

Tower Controller: "Thompson Tower to International Rescue. This is the situation."

Jeff Tracy: "OK, I get the picture. Thunderbird 1 will be with you soon. Right, Virgil. Launch Thunderbird 2. You'll need the Mole."

Virgil Tracy: "Right, father."

Tower Control Assistant: "Section 971, evacuated. The entire building should be clear in five minutes."

Tower Controller: "That will only just be enough time. The tower can't last much longer. And then the question is, how will those corridor roofs stand up to that heap of burning rubble?"

Joe Carter: "The walls are getting hotter every minute. And the smoke! I can hardly see."

Blanche Carter: "I can't hold out much longer, Joe. Oh, Joe, why don't they come?"

Joe Carter: "Who, Blanche? Who? Don't you see? No one can get us out of this now! The whole Thompson Tower must be ablaze."

Scott Tracy: "International Rescue from Thunderbird 1. Approaching danger zone."

Jeff Tracy: "FAB, Scott. Virgil is nine point five minutes behind you."

Scott Tracy: "Tower Control Centre from Thunderbird 1. Coming in to land. I'll need some men to help with my equipment."

Tower Controller: "Standing by. But how are you going to effect this rescue?"

Scott Tracy: "Leave that to us. Thunderbird 2 will be here soon. Thunderbird 2 from Thunderbird 1. I'm over the tower now, and it doesn't look good. Can you cut down on arrival time?"

Virgil Tracy: "I'm not sure, Scott. It depends on wind variation. I'll try."

Scott Tracy: "I'm going down now."

Tower Control Assistant: "Entire building evacuated."

Tower Controller: "Look. She's breaking up! Get those fire tenders clear! They'll be buried."

Tower Control Assistant: "Tower Control to Fire Chief. Abandon area! Repeat: clear the area!"

Tower Control Assistant: "All fire tenders out of area."

Tower Controller: "And just in time, too."

Scott Tracy: "These people are here, in D50. We'll have to go down and enter the corridors here, half a mile away."

Tower Controller: "The tower's coming down. It's finished."

Tommy Carter: "What's happening?"

Joe Carter: "Sounds like the whole world's caving in."

Blanche Carter: "It's gotten much hotter, Joe. Joe, what are we gonna do?!"

Joe Carter: "Keep calm, honey. Hold on."

Part Three

Virgil Tracy: "Thunderbird 1 Control from Thunderbird 2. Approaching danger zone. Be with you in five minutes."

Scott Tracy: "FAB, Virgil. The tower's down. It's sure gonna make our job tougher. Now, listen carefully, Virgil. By the looks of things, we're gonna have to cut through a whole heap of steel fire doors."

Virgil Tracy: "Guess Brains new gas would have been ideal for that."

Scott Tracy: "That's just the point. The way I figure it, that new gas is our only hope. There's no time even for laser beams."

Virgil Tracy: "But that stuff is not safe. True, it only knocked us out on test, but prolonged exposure could be fatal."

Scott Tracy: "Three people gonna die if we don't chance it. Now, what do you say?"

Virgil Tracy: "Well, the equipment's aboard. Brains put it in the pod after the test. OK, Scott, I'm game. If lives depend upon it, then we must risk it."

Scott Tracy: "Good man. I'll check it out with father and Brains. They ought to know what we're planning."

Virgil Tracy: "Sure thing."

Scott Tracy: "Father, we're gonna have to use Brains' gas. It's our only hope."

Jeff Tracy: "Are you certain there's no other way?"

Scott Tracy: "Yes, father. Those people will die for sure if we don't get to them fast."

Jeff Tracy: "What do you think, Brains?"

Brains: "I don't like it. The gas masks are useless. They'll be completely unprotected."

Scott Tracy: "The alternative is simple, Dad. Either we chance the gas or we return to base. There is no sense in hanging around here waiting for that family to die."

Jeff Tracy: "Of course you're right, Scott. We have no choice. Use the oxihydnite equipment."

Brains: "And keep in continual r-radio contact."

Tin-Tin: "Perhaps small doses of the gas will be harmless."

Jeff Tracy: "There'll be no time for an on-off operation, Tin-Tin. It's all or nothing. OK, Scott, be careful, both of you."

Virgil Tracy: "OK, Scott, what's the action?"

Scott Tracy: "Listen, Virgil. We're gonna have to drill down to the corridor system in the Mole. That's the closest we can get to the folks in corridor C-17. But first, we'll have to clear the west section of that burning rubble."

Virgil Tracy: "That's where we start drilling, is it?"

Scott Tracy: "That's right. There's a lot of soft rock there, so you'd better get that Firefly out of the pod and start clearing. I'll join you, soon as I can."

Virgil Tracy: "OK, Scott, will do."

Scott Tracy: "Oh, and Virgil?"

Virgil Tracy: "Yeah?"

Scott Tracy: "Go carefully. That rubble is white hot."

Joe Carter: "This place is gonna collapse soon. Gee, this heat!"

Blanche Carter: "Joe... Joe, what's happening to us? Tell me we're not gonna die, Joe. Tell me!"

Joe Carter: "Easy, honey, easy. Remember the boy, he will hear. We've got to be brave. Try to breathe gently. Make use of every bit of air we've got left."

Blanche Carter: "Tommy!"

Virgil Tracy: "Approaching fire area west, Scott."

Scott Tracy: "FAB. I'm going over to Thunderbird 2 now to prepare the Mole."

Virgil Tracy: "I'll be seeing you."

Tower Controller: "I've got a fast car ready for you outside."

Scott Tracy: "Thanks."

Virgil Tracy: "Gosh, the heat from that rubble is fantastic!"

Scott Tracy: "Do you reckon the Firefly can stand it?"

Virgil Tracy: "Well, we'll soon find out. Here goes."

Tower Control Assistant: "What the heck's that?"

Tower Controller: "Well, it's like nothing I've ever seen before."

Tower Control Assistant: "Look at the way it's clearing that rubble."

Tower Controller: "Yeah. And the heat down there must be unbearable!"

Scott Tracy: "How's it going, Virgil?"

Virgil Tracy: "Not so well. This rubble is difficult to dislodge. I'll have to use the cannon."

Scott Tracy: "OK, but you make it as fast as you can."

Part Four

Scott Tracy: "Are you ready yet, Virgil?"

Virgil Tracy: "Yep, nearly through, Scott."

Scott Tracy: "Right. I'm coming to join you right now."

Tower Control Assistant: "These International Rescue boys sure have some great equipment!"

Tower Controller: "Yeah."

Scott Tracy: "Right, Virgil, proceed to drilling position."

Virgil Tracy: "FAB."

Scott Tracy: "This is it, Virgil. Take her down here. We'll be able to move down through the earth to enter the corridor system from the side."

Virgil Tracy: "Right. Here we go."

Virgil Tracy: "What's the plan, Scott?"

Scott Tracy: "We know those folks are in D50, and the nearest corridor we can get through is C17."

Virgil Tracy: "Why the cutting gear, Scott?"

Scott Tracy: "All electronic systems have failed. We have to cut through the steel fire doors."

Virgil Tracy: "That means we'll be working in the dark."

Scott Tracy: "No, the emergency power plant for the lights is in the control center. That's one blessing. About the only one."

Scott Tracy: "OK, let's get the gear!"

Scott Tracy: "Right, this is the first door. Now let's get busy with that cutting gear."

Virgil Tracy: "Keep your fingers crossed. These doors aren't as thick as the test door, so we may be lucky."

Scott Tracy: "Yeah. But there's more of them to go through."

Joe Carter: "I guess this is the finish."

Scott Tracy: "Increase pressure to the cutters, Virgil. We're not gonna make it if we don't work faster."

Virgil Tracy: "How do you feel?"

Scott Tracy: "Fine. But that doesn't mean a thing. We were OK last time."

Virgil Tracy: "Yeah, we thought we were."

Scott Tracy: "OK. That's number one. Come on!"

Scott Tracy: "No effects yet, Virgil."

Virgil Tracy: "No. But it's sure hot down here. Burning!"

Joe Carter: "Let us out of here! You can't leave us to die! Help, someone, help!"

Joe Carter: "This is it. The fire has reached us. We're finished."

Joe Carter: "Blanche! Tommy! There's someone cutting through the door! Someone's found us! We're saved!"

Virgil Tracy: "This is the last one, Scott. We made it OK."

Scott Tracy: "Yeah, but don't ask me how. Maybe Brains can supply the answer. He's been listening the whole time. Stand back, Virgil! Come on, Virgil. Here they are! Quick!"

Joe Carter: "My wife and kid are unconscious."

Scott Tracy: "OK, fella, let's get them out of here."

Virgil Tracy: "And fast! The roof is going to cave in!"

Tower Control Assistant: "Look! The ground, it's giving way!"

Tower Controller: "That means the corridors have caved in."

Tower Controller: "Those International Rescue guys tried, but it was impossible. They died helping others. I reckon they're the bravest men I've ever met."

Tower Control Assistant: "Wait! Look over there!"

Tower Controller: "Hello? Can you hear me? Are you OK?"

Scott Tracy: "All present and correct. We made it just in time."

Tower Controller: "What an organisation. No one knows where they come from, but thank heavens they come. Yes, sir!"

Brains: "Yeah, there's no doubt about it. You were saved by the heat in those corridors."

Scott Tracy: "The heat? But how?"

Brains: "It must be a characteristic of the gas. Normally, the vapour filters into the body via the pores, and attacks the blood cells. But when the temperature is high enough, it causes the gas to evaporate."

Jeff Tracy: "You mean the vapour is dispelled by the heat so it doesn't get a chance to enter the body?"

Brains: "That's right. So, the solution is simple. All we have to do in future is to use electrically-heated gas cylinders."

Scott Tracy: "That's just great! The equipment can be introduced as standard gear in all the Thunderbirds."

Virgil Tracy: "Yeah. Say, Tin-Tin's quiet. What are you reading, honey?"

Tin-Tin: ""Joe, Blanche and Tommy Carter were at the enquiry into the Thompson Tower disaster, and they all looked fit and well. The fire, it was stated, was caused when a car crashed in the parking area. Once again, through these columns, we thank International Rescue for their invaluable help. Without them, the Carter family would have perished."

Jeff Tracy: "Well, that's good. Kinda makes the job worthwhile."

Scott Tracy: "Just one thing, Tin-Tin. You didn't say if the driver of that car was male or female?"

Tin-Tin: "I was afraid you'd ask me that, Scott. Yes, you've guessed it. The driver was female."

Woman Driver: "Just look at that maniac! People like that are a menace."

Woman Driver's Husband: "You're so right, dear. You're so right!"