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"I guess she had that coming. People like that cause accidents, they're a menace."
— Joe Carter

"City Of Fire" is the fifteenth episode of Thunderbirds season 1, first broadcast on 6th January 1966.


Thompson Tower – an entire city, contained in one enormous skyscraper – is opening for business when a car crashes through its massive underground car park, setting off a chain reaction that soon involves the entire tower in flames. As the local emergency services struggle to bring the blaze under control before the tower collapses, a family is discovered - trapped in the basement! International Rescue is summoned - but the Tracy brothers realize the only way of getting them out alive, is to use an unreliable new cutting gas developed by Brains...


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  • Due to the show being first broadcast in production order in Australia, this was the third episode instead of The Perils of Penelope. This same pattern was also used when the show was rerun on BBC2.
  • The Control Tower from London International Airport makes two sneaky cameos in this episode.
  • Music from Supercar can be heard when Joe and Blanche find Tommy in the air-conditioning plant, and after the Tower Controller tells his assistant to alert the Fire Tenders and seal the vent cover.
  • The concept of a single self-contained city tower containing all that a person needs to live appears to have been an inspiration for the City Blocks of Mega-City One in the long-running Judge Dredd comic book series.


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Alternate Versions[]

Thunderbirds The Comic[]

In 1992, several episodes of Thunderbirds were adapted into comic book format for Fleetway's Thunderbirds The Comic series, with City Of Fire the fifth story. Written by Alan Fennell and illustrated by Steve Kyte, the 12 page adaptation began in issue #15 and was spread over 3 issues, emulating the presentation of the 1960's TV Century 21 stories.

Foreign Titles[]

  • French: Au feu!
  • German: Stadt in Flammen
  • Spanish: Ciudad en Llamas; La ciudad de fuego (DVD)
  • Italian: Un tragico incidente
  • Dutch: Stad in vlammen (TV 1966); Stad van vuur (TV 1991, VHS); Vuurstad (VHS, DVD)
  • Portuguese: Cidade em Chamas
  • Japanese: 世界一のビルの大火災