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"Child's Play" is the twenty-third episode of Thunderbirds 2086, and seventh produced overall. The episode first aired in Japan on June 5, 1982.


IRO Headquarters opens its doors to a group of eager school children. While Kallan gives a guided tour, two of the students, Jimmy and Beaver, steal Thunderbird 1. They subsequently crash the craft into a nearby skyscraper, resulting in a fire which threatens to destroy the entire Arcology.


Jimmy and Beaver

  • "You're stepping on my ear, pinhead." – Beaver


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Regular Characters

Guest Characters

  • Beaver
  • Jimmy Williams
  • Video Operator Fred
  • Teacher
  • Arcology tannoy (not seen on screen)
  • Launch Bay Driver
  • Launch bay guard Bill
  • Launch bay technician (not seen on screen)
  • TB-1 launch controller (not seen on screen)
  • Tower Controller
  • Arcology Assistant Controller 1
  • Lieutenant Brady
  • Arcology Assistant Controller 2
  • Fire Chief (not seen on screen)
  • Arcology Assistant Controller 3
  • Mrs. Williams
  • Beaver's Mother

IRO Equipment Used


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  • In the spirit of Anderson tradition, Child's Play, one of the final episodes, is partly a clip show. Footage inserted from previous stories include Firefall, Shockwave, Thunderbolt, Snowbound, and Big Deal.
  • In order to sneak aboard Thunderbird 1, the kids disguise themselves by dressing up as a technician, with Jimmy sitting on Beaver's shoulders to match an adult's height. As they do so, Beaver complains of a sudden weird smell, and openly wonders if Jimmy stepped in something earlier on the tour. In the Japanese dub, the question remains intact, but the smell originates from somewhere more... personal.
  • Neither Video operator Fred nor the First Arcology controller appear in the original Japanese version. Fred's two scenes are both reused clips from Guardian, while the First controller's only scene is a reused clip from Cloudburst.

    Skipper in the Japanese dub

    Conversely, the Japanese version had several scenes featuring Skipper Simpson, but in the English version, he doesn't appear at all.


  • The pronunciation of Jesse's surname changes from Rig-Ell to Rye-Jell.

Anderson Stock Library

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  • During Dylan Beyda's attempt to enter TB-1, the Safety Beam sound from Sun Probe is heard.

Foreign Titles

  • Japanese: TB-1 - 死の対決 ("TB-1 - Death Confrontation")